Grandfather Clock Chimes-Forever Correction

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Grandfather Clock Chimes-Forever Correction

The following is the Grandfather Clock Chimes-Forever Correction for when the clock sometimes misses the stopping point. Ultimately, this is the cause for the continuous chiming. It is also the cause of chiming more than one quarter at a time.

There is a cam with graduated humps on the top right of the front plate of the Movement. There are 4 lower portions with a small hump and the next one is bigger and then so on. The smallest hump is the 15 minute mark. This is where the hammers strike each one at a time right down the row. This round brass piece with the humps on it, controls when the movement is to stop chiming.

The small hump represents the first quarter as this is the shortest chime of them all. The hourly chime is in turn represented by the longest hump. It is the longest song of the four quarters. This same large hump has an even higher hump at the end of it. This will drop the saw tooth rack to fall. So when it’s done chiming the top of the hour, it can start striking out the hours. This is with the help of the saw tooth rack counting system.

mechanical clock chime forever correction

If the clock is chiming forever, it is these two areas where the arrows are pointing. If the left hand cam is in the deep slot at the same time as the right hand cam is in the deep hump, it will not chime forever. Please note, when you turn the left cam to be in the lowest hump, the chime song will need to be reset. This occurs by holding the gear train still with your fingers. Please see this post after correcting the chime forever fix for the Clock Chime Resetting


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8 months ago

My grandfather clock run fast how do I slow down

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