Stephanie Stoudenmire HUNTINGTON, MA

My name is Steph! I am the lady behind all the computer work and advertising here at Clockworks.

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    The code is a single alphabetical letter stamped on the back movement plate. A=1970 or 1990; B=1971 or 1991, etc. The cycle repeats every 20 years. There is NO G, I, O, Q, Y or Z Production Code Production year(s) A 1970/1990/2010/2030 B 1971/1991/2011/2031 C 1972/1992/2012/2032 D 1973/1993/2013/2033 E 1974/1994/2014/2034 F 1975/1995/2015/2035 H 1976/1996/2016/2036 J 1977/1997/2017/2037 K 1978/1998/2018/2038 L 1979/1999/2019/2039… View Product