Urgos Clock Movement Availability

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Urgos Clock Movement Availability

The availability of Urgos clock movements is limited to only those that have three weights. These three weight floor clock movements are the only ones still in production. In other words, the rest of these units are obsolete and no longer available new. If you find yourself in this situation, there might be some hope. The use of a Hermle movement conversion can sometimes be put together as a replacement option. Therefore, if you have one of these Urgos movements, please email us the movement number so that we can determine if there is a substitute movement available. In addition, please feel free to also email the Urgos clock movement number for your three weight clock so we can assist you with a replacement. We also offer a chart that has the conversions from the old Urgos numbers to the new ones.

Urgos identification

Of course, narrowing down a three weight Urgos clock movement can get complicated as the movement numbers change every production run. So what was once a UW32/1 is now a UW32319 and so on. Thus making it a bit more difficult to ascertain the availability. Therefore, a description with more details about these conversions can be found on the Urgos page. Then click on the picture to pull up that page.

See All Urgos
Urgos Clock Movement Identification
32319 Urgos Clock Movement Identification
Urgos 32001
Urgos 03012
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1 year ago

Hello I have a urgos uw 18/3. 48325 and I understand it is not being made anymore I would like to order a replacement what would you recommend

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