Urgos clock movement availability

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Urgos clock movement availability

Urgos clock movement availability is pretty good for the floor clock mechanical movements only. They no longer product any mantle or shelf spring driven clock movements such as the UW6/** series. The UW7/** series is also discontinued and what is left being made is the three weight floor grandfather - grandmother clock models. Even with a three weight clock movement made by Urgos does not completely mean its in stock with us. There are some units that are rendered obsolete such as some chain driven UW660** units and others.

These units that are no longer being made still have hope, we can usually create a new movement conversion to what is in production still. The conversion may require certain actions to be done such as getting a new dial with the new movement. In some situations we can provide the movement with an alternate CM length and customize your current pendulum to fit easy, things like this.

The new movement is definitely the way to go if at all possible. If the clock movement is 30 years old, its time to just swap it out. The reasons are listed in another section, but in short these are the reasons. The price is a fraction of the cost of an overhaul on the old one, ships now, lasts longer than any repair ever could. Even if the clock is sentimental which it often is, keep the case sentimental and not the clock movement.

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