Urgos UW7/ series clock movement

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Urgos UW7/ series clock movement

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement is a two weight small floor clock movement. These units were very popular in the 1960s and 1970's. That alone puts it over the life expectancy of being a 25 year movement by far and needs to be replaced. If the movement is giving issues on top of this fact it is definitely time to either overhaul the old or get a new one if possible.

Repair or replace the Urgos UW7/ series?

The choice is obvious to get the new one for cost savings and life expectancy if possible and easy. Even when the movement is not made it is best to use a conversion to a different maker instead of having the repair work done. This is only if it makes sense to do so and with this particular series it does. The two weight Hermle units are so close and there is not much involved with the conversion aspect on these.

The Hermle clock movement alternative

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement is no longer made and not available by Clockworks.com. However these can often be converted to an equivalent quality new German clock movement. The movement numbers off of the old unit can be emailed to us at [email protected] with a picture from the back side.

Measurements needed from the customer

It would help to provide the length of the pendulum from tip to tip when its off of the clock. Also the length of the hands shaft from the front plate of the movement itself and all the way out to the end of the minute hand nut threads. This last measurement requires the dial to come off for this to be measured. This measurement is from the front plate of the movement and all the way out. A movement plate is the two plates with all the gears in between. There is a front plate with its hand shaft sticking out and a back plate.

Urgos UW7/ Conversion requirements

Instructions for the new movement will be emailed to the customer upon checkout. However these are the specific things needed for the conversion aspect alone. These are the things that are in addition to what would be needed when going from same to same.

Chime block location

The chime block may have to be moved from one place to another. This is because the hammer location on the Hermle clock movement may not be in the same location. Such as the bim bam units made by Urgos sometimes had the hammer location on the back of the movement. The Hermle replacement would have the hammers on the side for the bim bam instead of the back. This is an example of the chime block needed to be moved from mounting in the back to being mounted on the side instead.

Urgos UW7/ Pendulum top swap

The top hook of the current clock pendulum will not hook up to the new movement the way it used to. The pendulum is fine however the top only would need to be changed for it to hook on to the new one. They do not cost much and of course is available at clockworks.com. The new top hook that is needed is available to purchase.

The rest of the clock movement parts fit fine

The current weights are fine for the new movement and so is the clock hands. There is nothing left to purchase besides the movement and the pendulum top hook. The new movement will comes with the chains and is already oiled.

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DARRYL Rappuhn

Hi, i bought a floor clock that’s actually drawers and shelves and not a grandfather clock that has an urgo movement uw 7/63 spring regulated not weight. Can’t find anything to convert to if i need. Can you help?

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