Urgos UW7/ series clock movement

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Urgos UW7/ series clock movement

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement is a two weight small floor clock movement. These units were very popular in the 1970s, and that puts it over the life expectancy of being a 25 year movement by far. This means your left with a choice to replace the movement or get a new one. The choice is still obvious to get the new one for cost savings, speed and life expectancy. Even in this situation when the movement is not made, if you can get a conversion to a different maker it is still the best choice.

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement is no longer made and no longer available by Clockworks.com. However we can often convert these to an equivalent quality new German clock movement with ease. If you provide the movement numbers off of the unit and email this information to us at [email protected] we can see what we can do. It would help if you provide the length of the pendulum from tip to tip when its off of the clock. Also the length of the hands shaft from the front plate of the movement itself and all the way out to the end of the minute hand nut threads. This last measurement is not so easy to get, the dial comes off for this to be done and there is some gears in the way. But again, this measurement is from the front plate of the movement and all the way out. A movement plate is the two plates with all the gears in between and there is a front plate with its hand shaft sticking out, and a back plate.

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