The Unlisted Urgos Clock Movement

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Urgos Clock Movements Not on the List

Only the three weight clock movements are currently being made. However, not all of them because some are now obsolete. Assuming we are working with a three weight movement in this section and not a two weight unit or spring driven.

The two weight units are in another section and we call them the UW7/ series.

Same with the spring driven UW6/ series these are no longer made but we have a section covering what can be done with Hermle instead.

Urgos movement number explanation

Upon every production run the movement number changes. The factory will produce the movement for years and then take a break on that series. When they start cranking them out again they call it a different name.

So an old movement with a certain name may have the same movement available new but has a different name. What was once an 03086 is now known as 03096 and so forth.

This could be done a few times over in the time span of 40 or 50 years. So what you often need to do is convert the old number to the new number.

However not all numbers are on the list or are available for sale. This does not mean we do not have it to offer, it only means we would need to figure out what the new conversion is.

Urgos movement numbers in Simple Terms

The movement numbers usually start with a UW before the number. Ignore the UW for replacing the movement or converting the number. UW only means it is made by the Urgos clock company.

Also ignore the letters after the number, such as in the movement number UW32/1A. The A along with the UW is not anything you need to get a new movement. So we are only looking at the 32/1 only.

The three weight floor clock series only have the numbers starting with either 32 or 03 or 66. Example of starting with a 32 would be 32/1 and a 03 such as the 03101, the 66 as in 66020.

If the movement starts with a 32 it is a square unit and if it starts with 03 or 66 it is a larger rectangle on instead.

Urgos movement number not in the List

If the movement numbers match with the numbers we list just find the number and click it. The link will bring up the new movement to view and order the product.

If the movement number is not on the above list we need to figure out what the new number is and if its still made. What the numbers used to be may not be the same on the new units. Although the numbers may not match it will still be the same clock movement.

Urgos clock number conversions

Convert the three weight Urgos clock movement to the new number please use the below chart. This will match what the movement was known as as well as the new number.

With the new number it can then be found on the list of movements by Sometimes with three production runs you need to convert the number twice.

For example maybe the clock says UW32/1A, drop the UW and the A at the end and just look at 32/1 only. The replacement for the 32/1 is 32001 in one conversion and then there is still one more.

On another production run there was a change to the number again and now it is known as 32319.

So in the end the 32/1 and the 32001 and the 32319 are all the same unit with different names for the various production runs.

Urgos numbers with the / slash

If having a / in the number, it’s definitely the old system and therefore an older movement which has given its all for over 40 years. If it does not have a / it still may be the old numbering system as well. Either way, convert old number to the new and order the new unit.

If the old numbers have a / in it, replace that / with one or sometimes two zeros. Just think of the / as zeros in other words. EXAMPLE: 32/1 is the same as 32001 and is the same as the number 32319.

If you need assistance please contact 800-381-7458 if getting VM it only means the phones are tied up and we will call right back. Our email address is [email protected]

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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J K Powell
J K Powell
1 month ago

I have a clock with a UW16060 movement that is not working correctly. Is there a new movement available for this clock?

J. Keenan Powell
J. Keenan Powell
13 days ago

would please send me the instructions for removal and how to ship and I will get it sent to you. What do you think the cost will run?

C Sathre
C Sathre
1 year ago

My friend has a UW03015A movement and it doesn’t have the original weights. We’re not sure if the current weights are of the correct weight for each. Can you tell me what each weight should weigh.

Bill Orton
1 year ago

My grandfather clock has been in the family for at least 70 years. Apart from the name Urgos on the back plate there are two numbers. PL116 in the bottom left corner and 5884 in the bottom centre. I would be grateful if you could perhaps date the movement for me.

Jeff Gilbert
1 year ago

I just purchased from an estate sale, a ridgeway grandfather clock. On the inside it has model 120 and s/n 9160 or 9/60. On the clock mech it has uw 6/66A and 425925. Can anyone tell me how to get the year of mfg and more info from the numbers. Thanks

Stefan Pierre Wrzeszcz Hebert
Stefan Pierre Wrzeszcz Hebert
1 year ago

Was given a grandfather clock with the UW32607D. The mechanism lasts 30 seconds. I presume its not made anymore so which mechanism would I change it with?

2 years ago

I bought an urgos clock and the number says UW 7/86 but can’t find that model online. Any advice

2 years ago

What can you tell me about the Urgos UW21043 pendulum ‘time only’ movement? How old? From your article above, I assume it is no longer in production?

2 years ago

Thank you!

Chris Williams
2 years ago

I just bought a ridgeway clock with uw47170 is this good bad ???

Lynn Hewitt
Lynn Hewitt
2 years ago

How do the weight chains attach in the movement my middle chain has disappeared in the movement’s

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