Urgos Clock Conversion Chart

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Urgos clock conversion chart

The Urgos clock conversion chart is used when the old unit is not on the list. This occurs because numbers have changed each time they brought a movement back into production. So the old number for the movement was used when it was made way back in the first production run. However, production ceased until the demand got to the point of needing to make the movement again. When the movement was made again, a new number was put in place to distinguish it from the old stock. In the end we have a new number for the same movement but it is now brand new.

Using the Urgos Clock conversion chart

If the above movement links do not have the clock listed, it can be converted with this Urgos clock conversion chart. With the conversion from old number to the new number it is possible to then get the new Urgos clock movement. Simply match the old number with the new one below. Then search for that new number on the links.

UW 32 Series

UW 03 Series





If no luck with above

If the above Urgos clock conversion chart produced no results it can still be available. So email us a picture of the back plate of the clock movement. You will receive an email reply asking a series of questions about the movement and possibly some measurements. Of course, it is not uncommon to have the movement even though it is not listed above. However, if the new one is not available it may still be converted to a similar one made by someone else.

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Rejeanne Breton
Rejeanne Breton
5 months ago

was is the replacement # for Urgos mantel clock UW06036a from zgermany

Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen
2 years ago

What is production year of Urgos movement No. UW320910 (serial 1072994).

2 years ago

Have a movement marked 03012, what would be the numbers for a new one? Jess at
[email protected]

Timothy Stiffy
Timothy Stiffy
2 years ago

I have a grandfather clock with a Urgos movement marked UW32/1A. What does the A mean?

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