Urgos UW6/ series clock movement

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Urgos UW6/ series clock movement

Urgos UW6/ series clock movement was mass produced in the 1970's and was a popular shelf clock movement. It was spring driven and ran for eight days on a single wind up. It chimed either Westminster only or three songs triple chime. These nice mantle and shelf clock movements are no longer made, but its still the best choice to go with a new movement via conversion if we can do it for you.

This movement is no longer available brand new as it has not been produced for a long time. It is best to get the closest equivalent movement to this old Urgos unit. We have a Hermle unit that is of equal quality to replace this however. A Hermle unit is very close to what you have now, only the locations of the winders on the movement are in slightly different locations. So what this means is the holes in the clock dial face, where you wind the clock, will not line up with this new movement. You will need to cover the old winding holes somehow and drill new ones, or even better get a new dial with your new movement. The dials are a tricky thing, as sometimes we will have them pre-punched for the movement you are ordering, and sometimes we do not have them pre-punched.

If we have to send one with no punching, you will have to drill the holes to wind the clock on your end. To determine if we have a dial for you in punched or un-punched we would need a picture of the dial you now have so we can attempt to duplicate it with something from our stock, preferably with the punching predrilled so you can wind the clock. So please email us a picture of your old dial to [email protected] with the dimensional sizes of the clock dial you now have.

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