Urgos UW6/ series clock movement

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Urgos UW6/ series clock movement

Urgos UW6/ series clock movement was mass produced in the 1950's through the 1970's. It was a popular unit for shelf clocks and wall clock applications because it was compact and ran a short pendulum. The spring driven Westminster movement runs for eight days on a single wind up. It chimes either Westminster only or three songs with triple chime.

Urgos UW6/ series is no longer made

These are no longer made but is still the best choice to go with a new clock movement if it is possible. Just having this movement alone puts the age 40 years old or more so it is time to replace even if it works fine. So if its giving issues on top of this fact it is just time to do something with it either way.

Hermle clock movement alternative

clockworks.com offers a Hermle unit that is of equal quality to replace the Urgoes UW6/ series. The replacement movement would not be plug and play and there are some things required to act on. In the end if its able and willing to be done the clock will have a new movement of equal quality installed. The movement will run another 30 years with out much complaint and is not hard to put in. Instead of the typical same with same movement swap the extra steps required are listed below.

The Urgos conversion steps

The typical same with same movement swap instructions will be emailed upon purchase. These are the steps required for the conversion aspect alone. As it is going from an Urgos movement to a Hermle movement there are some additional concerns to address.

Clock dial incompatibility

The locations of the winding arbors on the Hermle movement are in slightly different than the Urgos UW6/ series. The holes in the clock dial face will not line up with this new movement to wind the clock. The customer could cover the old winding holes somehow and drill new ones to wind the clock. A sticky back metal or cardboard round disk does the trick or another creative idea. It only needs something to cover the old holes and drill new ones into that same disk.

Potential dial solution

Clockworks.com does have them to offer in gold and about 4 inches round with sticky backside. Even better than this is to get a new dial for the new movement if it is possible. There are so many dial shapes and sizes it is not a guarantee the same looking dial is available new. Please email Clockworks.com a picture of the old dial with some basic measurements. Clockworks.com will see if we have the same looking dial that can be drilled out with new holes to wind the clock.

Possible clock chime block work

Some applications of this conversion requires some handling of the chime block and rods. It is not common but sometimes it is needed to reverse the direction of the chime block inside the clock case. The reason for this is because the new unit may or may not have the hammer heads on the opposite side. In order to avoid purchasing a new chime block the old one can be reversed in direction.

Working with the chime block

Not only would need to reverse direction but also reverse the order of the rods within the block itself. The shortest rod would need to be where the longest rod was and continue down the line like this. As stated this is not so commonly needed. The reversal is only done to avoid the purchase of a new chime block and save cost. If a new one was purchased it would have the rods in the correct order and would only be required to put it in the new direction.

UW6/ Series Pendulum hook up

The pendulum may not hook up to the pendulum leader on the new clock movement. The leader is the part that the pendulum hangs onto on the back of the movement. The top hook of the pendulum may or may not fit the new movements leader. If becomes an issue clockworks.com offers an alternate top hook for the pendulum if its the wood stick style. If the clock takes a brass rod pendulum instead it maybe required to get a new pendulum with the new movement.

The rest is easy

The old key will fit the new movement the same as it did before. Clock hands are good to use with the new movement just as they did also. The pendulum length will be close enough to be able to regulate the time keeping.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

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