Clock Repair Punch Set

16pc Clock Repair Punch Set

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Clock Repair Punch Set

This punch Set has 16 Pieces of anvils and stakes for clockmakers. A 16-piece clock repair punch set is a special toolkit made for fixing and maintaining clocks. An assortment of 4 flat-faced hollow, 10 round-faced hollow and 2 assorted hole closing sizes. Large hard steel anvil with 10 holes of varying sizes.

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Punch Set

A 16-piece clock repair punch set tackles fixing and maintaining clocks, especially grandfather clocks and other mechanical timepieces.

So here's a breakdown of its components and functionalities: Punches: The set includes 16 punches of various shapes and sizes. Moreover, these punches are typically made from hard steel to ensure durability.

Types: There are two main punch varieties: Hollow punches: These punches have a hollow center and come in various diameters. Also, use these for shaping metal components in the clock's mechanism by driving them through thin sheets of metal. Solid punches: Solid punches have a solid form and are for staking (compressing or shaping metal) and bending clock parts.

Anvil/Staking Stake: This is a heavy steel block with multiple holes of varying sizes. Function: The anvil serves as a stable base for using the punches. The holes in the anvil allow for precise positioning and shaping of metal components during repairs.

Furthermore, the set comes with a wooden holder for protection and organization. Overall, a 16-piece clock repair punch set allows clockmakers to perform various tasks such as: Shaping delicate clock components by driving hollow punches through thin metal. Bending metal parts using solid punches. Staking (compressing) metal components for securing parts or adjusting their shape using the anvil and punches.

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Andrew Heard
Andrew Heard
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Very nice.