Regula Cuckoo Movement Identification

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Regula Cuckoo Movement Identification

Most cuckoo clocks made after 1950 have movements that are made by the Regula cuckoo clock movement company. If you have a cuckoo made after this time it would be about 80% chance. The identification will reveal it being made by the Regula cuckoo clock movement company most of the time. But let us be certain with these methods of identification.

Two train or three train movements

If the clock has two weights running the movement we can find out quick if its made by Regula. When we say two weights, we mean on the movement only. There maybe three weights on the clock, but only two weights are on the movement itself. In other words there are three train movements that take three weights, this is correct. However we are talking about two weights on the movement regardless if the clock has three weights on it. One could be for the music box that is separate from the movement itself. If the movement itself takes two weights, we call this a two train movement. This is because the movement has two sides of gears from big to little inside the plates. One for cuckoo and one for the time. If the clock movement itself takes three weights this of course is a three train movement.

Two train, two weight Regula Identification

See if your cuckoo movement says 25 or 34 on it above the spiked wheel that makes the bellows go up and down. Above this wheel and to the right alittle, these numbers will be stamped in the brass. It may have more numbers or letters after the 25 or 34 but don't pay attention to anything but the a href="/product/regula-25-cuckoo-movement">25 or 34 for now. If you have a href="/product/regula-25-cuckoo-movement">25 or 34 on the back, your in the right section and your clock is made by Regula. 25 means it is a one day clock that takes two weights. 34 means it is an eight day clock movement that runs on two weights.

These are the very most two common cuckoo clock movements made in the world. The 25 or 34 identification stamp alone means it was made by the Regula factory of Germany.

The two styles of the two weight movements

The two train, two weight movements come in two styles. One with a dancer platform and one without the dancer platform. Keep in mind just because you have dancers on your cuckoo clock, this does not mean it is attached. You can have a two weight cuckoo clock with dancers, but the dancers are not attached to the movement itself. This is an important distinction when ordering a new cuckoo clock movement.

The two weight cuckoo movements with the dancer platform attached comes exactly this way, with the platform. The platform come in a few heights above the clock movement, so this will be measured if getting a new one. The dancer platform height is the distance from the top of the movement to the platform base itself.

The clock may still say 25 on it for one day and 34 for eight day. However with these same identification marks they have either the platform or no platform. These same numbers maybe on the movement regardless if there are dancers or not.


  • Figure out if you have a 2 or 3 train movement
  • Determine if you have a dancer platform, and if so if it is attached to the movement
  • Look for identification markings on the back plate of the brass for a number 25 or 34
  • Order the dancer Regula or non dancer Regula 25 one day or 34 eight day movement

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