4pc Pin Vise Set

4pc Pin Vise Set

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4pc Pin Vise Set

This handy 4-piece pin vise set is a must-have for any clock or watch repair toolkit. The vises range in size from 0.0mm to 4.65mm, making them perfect for holding a variety of delicate parts and tools.

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4pc Set

This is a 4pc Pin Vise Set. The range is from .0mm to 4.65mm. Because of the many uses it has, it is a tool that gets frequent use. Not only in clock repair but watch repair as well.

The pin vise securely holds a wheel arbor while you work. It can clamp down on broaches, needle files, and much more, thanks to its versatility. This versatile tool tackles a variety of tasks with ease.

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Weight0.7 lbs
Dimensions1 × 3 × 5 in

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Great product thanks!