Clock Repair Cutting Broaches

Clock Repair Cutting Broaches

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Clock Repair Cutting Broaches

Use this item to ream out a pivot hole to accept a bushing in clock repair. Ream the hole larger to install a new round bushing via friction fit. 10pc set see specs below.

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CT11: $39.00

Cutting Broaches

Use Clock repair cutting broaches to ream out a pivot hole to accept a bushing. Ream the hole a bit larger so that a new round bushing can be out in via friction fit. Also use it to increase a bushing hole diameter as well.

Comes in two different size sets. Sold as a 10 pc set with these sizes 0.90mm to 4.00mm and 4 1/2 inches in length. These are the sizes most needed for most clocks, with the exception of winding arbor holes.

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Weight0.2 lbs

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Don Hall
1 year ago

What are the sizes included with the Large, and Small broach sets?

James Bicknell
James Bicknell
1 year ago

I second Don Hall’s question. How are we supposed to order if we don’t know what we’ll be getting??

John Stapleton
John Stapleton
3 months ago
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