400 Day Anniversary Clock Parts

400 Day Anniversary Clock Parts

The suspension spring on your clock needs to be replaced if its kinked or distorted. Read More ยป

The suspension spring is the part on the back of the clock that supports the pendulum balls in the air. This is almost always the fist issue to deal with to get the clock running. This happens when someone is not familiar with the clock and they move it from here to there with the pendulum getting knocked around and the spring gets twisted and kinked.

Anniversary Clock Repair Kit
Anniversary Clock Parts Suspensions

Anniversary Suspensions

Single Strengths in a three pack, available in all inch sizes between .0018 and .0040

To figure out what size you need, you would need to measure the thickness of the old spring with a caliper

Item #AN1

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Blocks and Forks

Blocks and Forks

Choose between top block, fork or bottom block
Be sure not to bend the suspension spring when installing any of this hardware
Suspension springs bend very easily and the clock cannot run if it gets bent.


Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Schatz Key Schatz Key

Long brass key #3 size

Fits most Schatz Lantern style 400 day clocks. This key is longer than normal to reach into the case of a lantern style 400 day or 1000 day Schatz clock.

AN3 - $13

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Repair Guide 400 Day Repair Guide

10th edition Hardcover
9x10 with 237pgs
Identifications, Repair tips, and Troubleshooting. It also includes an extensive collection of back plate and suspension illustrations

AN4 - $45

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Domes Clock Domes

3in W x 4 1/2in H $12
4in W x 7in H $19
4 5/8in W x 8in H $29
5 1/2in W x 9in H +plus $39
Select the size with the drop down menu below

Item #AN5

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Clock Key Brass Clock Key

To get a key for your clock, first measure the shaft that the key is to go over.
Then use the chart on the key page to convert your measurement to the key size number. You will also see these keys available there also.


Clock Repair Tools Mainspring Let Down

Used to release the power in a wound up mainspring. Key goes into the chuck and the chuck goes into the handle so you can let down the power of the spring. It does the same job as the let down with all the chucks.

#CT26 - $20

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Hand Remover Hand Remover Tool

Removes hands and gears in a straight upward motion to prevent damage.

It is not uncommon to have a hard time taking off the hour hand on these anniversary clocks.

AN8 - $10

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Micrometer Caliper

This 4inch Caliper with easy-to-read digital display allows you to measure and convert from SAE to metric quickly. This tool is needed to measure the thickness of the old suspension to get a new one.

Item #CT43 $24

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Micrometer Micrometer

Available in readings of 0-25
Use this or the caliper to determine the thickness of the old anniversary clock suspension so you can get the correct new one.

Item #AN9 $15

Clock Repair Tools Oiler with Oil

Fountain oiler filled with general clock oil. Convenient applicator to get into tough areas. This is the oil you need to lubricate your clock, just put a small drop where anything rubs anything else.

#CT3 - $6

Clock Assembly Assembly Supports

Keeps the movement up and stable during an overhaul. Just tighten one post on each corner to work on the clock movement as its in the air. Set of 4 posts 2 3/4" long. Includes a hanging bracket to hang the movement for testing

#CT10 - $20

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Files Assorted Files

Set of 12 needle files for various uses in clock repair. There are many assorted shapes.

AN14 - $13

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Clock Keys 5 Prong Clock Keys

These two 5 prong clock keys will wind almost all wall or mantle clocks. However, does not work well if there is a bezel / glass door involved

AN15 - $19

Watch Repair Tool Screwdrivers 6pc Screwdrivers

Set of six precision screwdrivers in a set. All of these small screw drivers have a regular flat head with assorted sizes.

#CT14 - $8

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Pin Vise Set Pin Vise Set

Set of 4 with capacities from .0mm to 4.65mm. Good to use on broaches when reaming out a pivot hole diameter. Grabs hold of a post of some sort so you can work with it basically. Small part of the pinvise is knurled so it can be easily rotated.

AN18 - $10

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Vision Visor Vision Visor

Flips up and provides 2 1/2x power, can be worn with eyeglasses. Very useful magnification for inspecting pivot holes to see if there oblong or round, and also the inspection of pivots.

Item #AN19-- $19

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Pivot Reaching Tool Pivot Reaching Tool

Perfect tool for assembling clock movements and trying to reach hard to reach pivots and arbors. Use this tool to arrange wheels in a disassembled movement that is going together.

AN20 - $8

Watch Repair Tool Staking Block Staking Block

This hexagonal staking block is used frequently as it has various sized holes for many purposes. Made of steel.

#CT54 - $15

Anniversary 400 Day Clock Parts Tapered Pin Assortment Tapered Pin Assortment

100 Brass tapered pins with various diameters. They attach some dials, movement plates, suspensions and sometimes hands on the clock.

AN22 - $12