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Add the quartz clock movements to the cart, then come back and choose hands from below

Low Torque

For 10" or less dial diameters

High Torque

Any dial diameter 3" to 36"

Continuous Sweep (Silence)

Silent and does not "tick"

Low+High Torque

Quartz Clock Movements

A Continuous sweep Quartz Clock Movements do not make a ticking sound. When a second hand is used, the second hand will sweep around the dial like a Rolex rather than jumping from one second to the next.

(See bottom of this page for hands)

Item #M7

Battery Operated Hands

Free Set for each Movement - Comes as a pair

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Minute hand measured from the hole to tip. Hour hand that comes with the set is smaller proportionally

Item# - H1

Item# - H2

Item# - H3

Item# - H4

Item# - H5

Item# - H6

Item# - H7

Item# - H8

Item# - H9

Item# - H10

Item# - H11

Item# - H12

Second Hands

1-11 $1.25 / 12-49 $.80 / 50-99 $.70 / 100+ $.60

Measured from the center of the post to the end

Clock Hands

Item# - SH1

Item# - SH2

Item# - SH3

Item# - SH4

Long Hands for High Torque

Needs a High Torque Movement - Comes as a pair

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Measured from the center of the hole to the end of the minute hand only. Hour hands just come proportionally smaller. Works only with high torque movements.

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