WHO MADE IT Seth Thomas Logo
  • A402-000
  • A206-014
  • A415-020
  • And similar

Seth Thomas name is on everything now a days. If someone says I have a Seth Thomas, that could mean a clock movement that takes a battery or mechanical or anything really. Back in the olden days there was a company who sold many many clock movement out of Plymouth, CT and so they changed the name of the town to Thomaston, CT after the company. If the clock is very old and made in USA with a ST markings, well that is original Seth Thomas and there would be no replacement movement for this, best to get repaired. If the Seth Thomas clock movement says made in Germany, then use our list to see what the real clock movement numbers are so you can price it out and order it.

Seth Thomas Number / New Movement Number Needed


  • A205-000=
  • A205-000=
  • A205-001=
  • A205-002=
  • A205-003=
  • A205-004=
  • A205-005=
  • A206-000=
  • A206-001=
  • A206-001=
  • A206-002=
  • A206-002=
  • A206-004=
  • A206-004=
  • A206-005=
  • A206-007=
  • A206-010=
  • A206-011=
  • A206-012=
  • A206-013=
  • A206-014=
  • A207-000=
  • A207-005=
  • A208-000=
  • A208-000=
  • A208-000=
  • A208-001=
  • A208-001=
  • A208-002=
  • A208-003=
  • A208-005=
  • A208-005=
  • A208-006=
  • A208-006=
  • A208-007=
  • A208-007=


  • A208-008=
  • A208-009=
  • A208-010=
  • A208-011=
  • A208-012=
  • A208-013=
  • A208-014=
  • A208-015=
  • A215-012=
  • A305-002=
  • A305-004=
  • A400-000=
  • A400-000=
  • A400-001=
  • A400-001=
  • A400-001=
  • A401-000=
  • A401-001=
  • A401-001=
  • A401-002=
  • A401-003=
  • A401-004=
  • A401-005=
  • A401-005=
  • A402-000=
  • A402-000=
  • A402-003=
  • A402-004=
  • A402-005=
  • A402-006=
  • A403-000=
  • A403-001=
  • A403-002=
  • A403-007=
  • A403-008=
  • A403-008=


  • A403-009=
  • A403-009=
  • A403-010=
  • A403-011=
  • A403-012=
  • A403-013=
  • A403-014=
  • A403-014=
  • A403-015=
  • A403-015=
  • A403-015=
  • A403-015=
  • A403-018=
  • A403-019=
  • A403-020=
  • A403-021=
  • A403-021=
  • A403-024=
  • A403-025=
  • A403-026=
  • A403-027=
  • A403-029=
  • A403-030=
  • A403-031=
  • A403-031=
  • A404-001=
  • A404-010=
  • A406-000=
  • A406-001=
  • A406-007=
  • A407-002A=
  • A407-002A=
  • A409-000=
  • A409-001=
  • A409-002=
  • A415-001=


  • A415-002=
  • A415-003=
  • A415-011=
  • A415-013=
  • A415-015=
  • A415-016=
  • A429-703=
  • A429-705=
  • A450-006=
  • A450-007=
  • A450-008=
  • A450-009=
  • A450-011=
  • A450-012=
  • A451-001=
  • A451-002=
  • A451-003=
  • A451-004=
  • A451-006=
  • A460-001=
  • A468-310=
  • A468-314=
  • A468-318=
  • A468-318=
  • A468-323=
  • A468-325=
  • A468-326=
  • A468-328=
  • A497-212=
  • A497-218=
  • A497-220=
  • A502-002=
  • A407-000=
  • A407-000=
  • A407-001=
  • A403-016=

* Rear Pendulum Seth Thomas clock

** Front or Rear Pendulum Seth Thomas clock

*** Needs new pendulum with it. Need to reverse direction of chimeblock.

Seth Thomas Historical Timeline

Birth of Seth Thomas in Wolcott, CT to James and Martha Thomas. Biographers state that he had limited education and was an apprentice to a carpenter and joiner with the creation of Long Wharf in New Haven, CT being one of his projects.


Daniel Tuttle takes in Thomas as an apprentice at 14 years old. His skills as a joiner and carpenter will prove useful in his later tasks of manufacturing clock movements and cases.


Thomas begins working with Eli Terry as a clockmaker apprentice near Waterbury, CT. Terry received an order to make 4,000 clocks which brought about methods of mass producing movements by using interchangeable clock parts. Many of these methods were inspired by Eli Whitney. Silas Hoadley joins the team and they create the famous wooden tall case clock. The name of their business is Terry, Thomas and Hoadley.


Hoadley is bought out by Thomas and Terry and the two gentlemen continue to produce the wooden tall case clocks.


Thomas sells his interest in the business back to Hoadley and sets up his own shop in Plymouth Hollow, CT. Thomas buys out Herman Clark’s clockmaking business which was producing wooden tall cases with wooden clock movements.


Seth Thomas licenses the right to use Eli terry’s wooden 30 hour shelf clock movement and labels it as E. Terry’s Patent Clock Made and Sold by Seth Thomas, Plymouth, Conn. These movements were used in Pillar and Scroll cases until 1830.


Beginning of brass clock movements which Thomas used in Ogee cases.


Brass, spring driven movements are now being used by 19th Century American Clockmakers. Thomas now abandons his wooden clock movements completely for the modern brass movements.


Seth Thomas Clock Company is incorporated.


Death of Seth Thomas. The business is now run by his three sons, Seth Thomas, Jr., Aaron, and Edward.


Plymouth Hollow changes its name to Thomaston in honor of Seth Thomas, Sr. All clock labels now denote this change. Another company was formed, Seth Thomas Sons and Company, which specialized in marine clocks and high end 15 day movements that were spring driven for mantel clocks.


Street clocks and tower clocks now being produced by Seth Thomas Sons and Company.


Seth Thomas Sons and Company merges with Seth Thomas Clock Company. The original company title of Seth Thomas Clock Company is used.


Seth Thomas Watch Company is established to make jeweled pocket watches. The first production of watches had 11 jewels in it and by 1886 the line had expanded to include 7, 11, 15, and 17 jewel movements.


Pocket watches are no longer produced.


Seth Thomas Clock Company becomes part of The General Time Instrument Company. The great grandson of Seth Thomas (Seth E. Thomas, Jr) is chairman of the board.


The Thomas family no longer controls The General Time Instrument Company due to the death of Seth E. Thomas, Jr.


Seth Thomas Clock Company becomes part of General Time Corporation.


General Time Corporation becomes part of Talley Industries.


The location of its headquarters moves from Thomaston, CT to Norcross, GA.


General Time Corporation ends. The Colibri Group buys out all of the assets of Seth Thomas.


Colibri Group discontinues all business with clocks and becomes a retailer of lighters and accessories bringing the Seth Thomas name into extinction.