Jauch Clock Movements

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Jauch clock movement page description

Every Jauch clock movement is discontinued as the company is out of business. What this means is you would be ordering a new movement made by Hermle instead. Read More »

The Hermle clock movements are of equivalent quality and size and have the same functions. These conversion kits are only good for the three weight Jauch floor clock movements. If your Jauch movement is anything other than this it will have to be repaired instead, please email us to set up a repair to [email protected] . If you do have the three weight Jauch movement then your on the correct path to get your clock running again with a brand new Hermle movement conversion kit as described below.

Advantages of replacing:

The new movement is much easier to get parts for. You can upgrade the pendulum to a metal Lyre style if you choose where this is not possible for the Jauch unit. Read More »

The movement can be replaced again in another 25 years as the conversion movements are still available. If anything were to ever happen to the dial, hands, gong, weights or pendulum, then you can get all this new. It costs less than a repair especially considering a repair would have to be done every 5 to 8 years. A new movement is cheaper than an overhaul, it will last longer, and is faster and easier.

What happened to the old clock movement?

If the mechanical clock movement is 25 years old or more, the clock oil has solidified into this black sticky tar substance. This tar substance causes resistance (rather than lubrication) and wear on the clock movement. Read More »

This wear takes place in the holes that are in the brass plates and is hard to identify sometimes. These holes in the brass plates become oblong instead of round and this pinches the pivot arbor going into it. Between this, and the solid oil, the clock ceases to function. To have this repaired is an expensive and long process. To have a mechanical movement serviced can cost hundreds of dollars and in some cases it can take weeks to complete it.

Why order a clock movement?

A new mechanical clock movement can ship from USA the same day you order it, so the time it takes you to get your clock up and running is very short. A repair can usually take months and then you are still left with a used overhauled movement rather than a new one. Read More »

The new movement is the same as your old movement, so all the clock components usually fit on to the new movement with no trouble. The cost of a new movement is usually the same if not less than a cleaning on the old unit, and when it's installed it should last another 25-30 years without thinking about replacing or servicing it again. Some new units have bronzed bushings in key wear areas to increase the life of the movement, and on the non-pendulum units the balance has been improved upon for longer life and ease of timing. We here at Clockworks offer only the highest grade mechanical clock movements and they come with a 2 year warranty.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order

Jauch movement conversion instructions

The Jauch to Hermle conversion requires some basic tools and can be tricky at times. It is not a plug and play unit, you have to do some things.Read More »

  1. The Hermle conversion kit is equipped with the movement, shims, seatboard screws, hands, and pendulum hook.
  2. Attach the dial to the clock case if it is not already attached. It cannot have the feet going out of the back of the clock dial, some have these posts / feet that lock into the movement instead of just being attached to the wood clock case with some screws. If this is your situation, to use your old clock dial with the new movement it will be needed to remove these posts on the back of the dial somehow. Sometimes they unscrew, sometimes you can just bend them over and they will snap off. After removing these posts, you would just drill small holes in the dial corners and screw it to the case somehow. This will be on your end to dream of a way to attach the old dial on the clock case.
  3. Install the old moon gear on the new Hermle movement if you have a moon dial. This phase of the moon gear will usually fit the new movement fine and work the moon dial, but this is not always the case. Sometimes on rare occasions you may lose the moon phase function. There is not many people that I know that really look at there clock to know when its a full moon anyway, but you maybe the exception.
  4. Make certain the movement is in beat. On the back of the movement, the leader and crutch must move the same distance to the right of the handshaft as it does to the left. If it does not, push the leader and crutch to one side until they are equal.
  5. Install movement on the shims provided, lightly tighten the seatboard screws. Install the Hermle pendulum hook on the stick.
  6. When adjusting the hammer wires, lift the hammer, and using the thumb, index and middle fingers, form a “V” to bend the middle portion of the wire in the direction needed. Hammers should be about 1/8” from the rods while at rest and they must hit squarely on the rods. Several adjustments may be necessary for best results.
  7. Level the clock side to side and front to back solidly on the floor.
  8. Install pendulum on leader.
  9. Install weights on the clock with the heaviest weight on the right as you look at the clock.
  10. Install the hands on the clock in the following manner: Place the minute hand on the clock and turn it slowly until the movement chimes the hour. Remove the minute hand. Place the hour hand on the clock pointing to the number that indicates the number of times the clock just struck. With pliers, grasp the hub on the minute hand and turn the hub to reorient the square bushing on the minute hand. Repeat until the minute hand slides onto the movement arbor at the 12 o’clock position.
  11. Lowering the pendulum by one turn of the rating nut to the left will slow the clock by about one minute per day.

The following modifications are usually required:

  • The dial must be attached to the case rather than the movement. There is a 50/50 chance really, sometimes the dial is attached to the case and sometimes it is attached to the movement with dial feet. If it's attached to the movement then you will need to unscrew or chop off the dial feet and attach it to the wood case instead.
  • The replacement for the Jauch clock movement would have to be shimmed higher (Included)
  • New lead weight would be installed into the existing right hand chime weight shell. (Included)
  • The top hook on the pendulum will have to get swapped (Included)
  • The pendulum may or may not have to get shortened. If the clock is too slow, even with the bob all the way up, the pendulum stick must get cut 1 1/2 inches shorter.
  • If you need assistance on replacing the Jauch clock movement you can call 800-381-7458
  • If this does not work out for you and you have the original packaging so it can be resold as new, you can return this kit for a refund.
  • NOTE: The moon dial will no longer function on your clock with this new conversion. It will not spin around like it did, you will need to look outside and see what the moon is doing instead.

Square Movements

Clock Movement Identification
Jauch PL61

(old unit marked PL61 Westminster)

  • Jauch clock movement conversion
  • Hands, shims, top hook, screws included
  • Chime weight filler also included
  • $359

PL61 Kit: $359.00

Jauch PL64

(old unit marked PL64cm Westminster)

  • Jauch clock movement conversion
  • Hands, shims, top hook, screws included
  • Chime weight filler also included


PL64 Kit: $359.00$379.00

Jauch 77

(old unit marked with PL77 on rear)

  • Westminster or Triple Chime
  • Hands, shims, top hook, screws included
  • Chime weight filler also included


PL77 Kit: $359.00$379.00

Jauch PL78

(old unit marked with PL78 on rear)

  • Westminster or Triple Chime
  • Hands, shims, top hook, screws included
  • Chime weight filler also included


PL78 Kit: $359.00$379.00

Rectangle Movements

Clock Movement Identification
Jauch PL93

(Marked Jauch PL93cm and PL94cm)

  • Hermle Flagship Conversion
  • Westminster or Triple Chime
  • Hands, shims, top hook, screws included
  • Chime weight filler not needed


PL93 Kit: $599.00$649.00

Jauch PL116

(Marked Jauch PL110 or PL116)

  • Hermle Flagship Conversion
  • Westminster or Triple Chime
  • Hands, shims, top hook, screws included
  • Chime weight filler not needed
  • Clear

    PL116 Kit: $599.00$649.00