Square Clock Dials

Square Clock Dials OGee Style

Metal Roman floral dial with a scalloped center hole for OGee style clocks. It will require drilling the winder holes to wind the clock.

Item #SD85SMOG $60

Square Clock Dials Bracket Clock Dial

7 1/2in (191mm) square with a 6 inch time track. If used with a spring driven movement it will be needed to drill to wind it up.

Item #SDR75NP $35

Round Clock Dials Heavy Paper Stock Dial

Select Arabic or Roman Numerals, White or Ivory. Measurement on these are from outside the numbers, not overall width of the dial.


11 Inch Clock Dial 11 Inch Roman

Gold Arabic metal dial with a silver Roman time track. The corner decorations are raised brass tone.

Item #SD11GRGT $60

Square Clock Dials Heavy Ivory Cottage Style

6 3/4in (171mm) heavy metal hand painted dial in Roman numerals. This dial measurement is overall width square.

Item #SD675WRCOTT $30

Square Clock Dials Square Design Metal Dial

This simple dial is useful and inexpensive for your movement projects. These dials are made from .020 ga. metal.

Item #SDDAGT $8

Square Clock Dials 341 Bracket Dial

For a 341 or 340 series movement this dial is 7 1/2 wide with a 7 inch time track. It has its winding holes drilled out for the 340/341

Item #SD34175 $40

Square Clock Dials Square Ivory Cottage Style

Metal square dial that mounts to a board backing. This dial is made of painted metal and is 7 1/2 wide with a 7 inch time track.

Item #SD75IACOTT $7

Clock Parts Dial Grommets Dial Grommets x3

Set of three dial key hole grommets. These are what make the key holes pretty where you wind the clock through the dial.

Item #CP32 - $2.

Spring Drive Movement Note

Most of these round clock dials are not punched for the winding arbors for a spring driven movement, unless specified with the movement number. If you have a spring driven clock movement then you would need to drill out the dial so you can wind the clock.

We offer dial hole grommets so the holes will be pretty when you're done on hardware page.

Product Information

The paper dials on this page come square but have a round time track.

This means you would need to cut the dial to fit your needs. The round metal dials may come with a protective plastic coating that is removed by the customer, it is hard to tell it is there sometimes but if the dial has scratches, it most likely has this coating that needs to be removed for the finished clock project.