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Why order a movement?

A new mechanical clock movement can ship from the USA the same day you order it, ensuring a quick turnaround for getting your clock up and running. In contrast, a repair can take months to complete. Read More »Additionally, a repair usually takes weeks or even months to complete, leaving you with an old movement that may require another overhaul in the near future.

On the other hand, a new movement is identical to your old one, allowing all the clock components to easily fit onto the new movement.

Moreover, the cost of a new movement is typically equal to or less than a cleaning of the old unit.

Furthermore, you can expect the new movement to last an additional 25-30 years without the need for replacement or servicing.

Notably, some new units feature bronze bushings in key wear areas to enhance the movement's lifespan. Furthermore, non-pendulum units have seen improvements in the balance for longer life and easier timing.

It's worth mentioning that Clockworks exclusively offers the highest grade mechanical clock movements, which come with a 2-year warranty.

What happened to the old one?

If the mechanical clock movement is 25 years old or more, the clock oil has solidified, transforming into a black sticky tar substance. Consequently, this tar substance creates excessive resistance that impedes the clock's operation.Read More »

This wear primarily occurs in the holes within the brass plates, which can be challenging to identify. As a result, these holes become oblong instead of round, exerting pressure and pinching on the pivot arbor going into it.

In combination with the solidified oil, these issues render the clock unable to function. Repairing such problems is a costly and time-consuming process.

Servicing a mechanical movement can incur expenses ranging from hundreds to over a thousand dollars, and in certain instances, it may take months to complete the repair.

How to identify the movement

The numbers on the back plate of the brass movement provide us with much of the necessary information. Although they may not indicate the manufacturer, these numbers serve as a valuable source of data.Read More »

Additionally, the movement numbers often reveal details about the clock's chimes, the location of the chime hammers, and whether it is weight or spring driven, among other factors.

Consequently, by utilizing the movement numbers, we can acquire a replacement clock movement that is authentic rather than a counterfeit version. It will be an identical match to the original movement in every way.

Consequently, most of the old components such as the clock weights, pendulum, and hands will still be compatible with the new movement, as they are the same.

How to order the movement

The first step in the process is to ascertain the country of origin of the mechanical clock movement. If the movement originates from Germany, the availability of options is considerably greater. Read More »

However, if the clock was made in any other country, such as the USA, France, Korea, or China, it is necessary to contact us via email at [email protected]. Please provide pictures of the movement so that we can assist you with either a repair or a replacement.

Next, it is crucial to utilize the numbers engraved on the back plate of the German mechanical movement to determine the manufacturer.

By referring to the examples provided below, you can narrow down the potential manufacturer of your movement. Once you identify the manufacturer, visit the corresponding webpage to place your order. It is important to note that the image on the website may not precisely match your current movement. However, the key factor is to match the number of the mechanical clock movement. If the old movement number corresponds to the one in the list, you will receive the exact same movement.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order

Number Examples

  • 141-030 55cm
  • 340-020
  • 451-050 85cm
  • 1161-853 94cm

Hermle Movement Availability

Currently, the availability of Hermle Clock Movements is excellent, with very few exceptions. We maintain stock of all Hermle Clock Movements, and in rare cases where you need a special CM length, we may have to obtain them through a special order, which typically takes a few days.Read More »

If a particular movement is not on the list in the charts, it is likely that it will need to be custom-made, incurring an additional cost. Please note that this would be a special order, so it is advisable to call and place the order accordingly.

Hermle stands as one of the largest movement producers in the world today. Not only do they have a vast array of movements available, but they also boast excellent part availability. Whether you require a component such as a pendulum, a dial, or even a complete clock kit, Hermle is known for their comprehensive selection.

Movement Expectations and Replacement

Generally, a Hermle Clock Movement can last anywhere from 25 to 40 years. It is common for us to receive requests for replacements of units that were made in the early 80s or late 70s.

By examining the back plate of the movement, you will notice a few numbers above the others. For instance, a 77 or an 83 and so on. These numbers represent the date of production for the movement.

Opting to replace these units, rather than undergoing cleaning and oiling, is usually the more prudent choice. This is due to the fact that replacement units are factory-improved, brand new, factory-lubricated, and easy to install. Moreover, the cost of a replacement unit is often lower than that of a cleaning. It's worth noting that different grades of the same movement number exist, some of which are cheaper but incorporate plastic parts.

Here at Clockworks, we exclusively offer the highest-grade Hermle units, which do not contain any plastic components. These units are available at a very reasonable price. The movement number typically consists of three or four numbers, then a dash and additional numbers. If a pendulum is present, the CM length will be below the movement number.

All Hermle units are consistent in their numbering format, featuring numbers then a dash and further numbers. In essence, if the movement number includes a dash and consists solely of numbers without any letters like "A," you can be certain that it is a Hermle unit. However, if an "A" precedes the number, it could still be a Hermle unit, but it would be part of the Seth Thomas name and numbering system.

Number Examples

  • 75 R 116cm
  • 83 K 93cm
  • 78 K 116cm
  • 84 SK 116cm

Kieninger Movement Availability

Generally, Kieninger mechanical clock movements are readily available without much difficulty. However, it's worth noting that 5 tube mechanical clock movements are no longer made, but the remaining models are typically in stock.Read More »

When it comes to Kieninger clock movements, determining the exact number can sometimes be a bit challenging. They provide certain portions of the numbers, leaving it up to you to utilize the chart to deduce the remaining details. This process relies on factors such as whether the movement is chain driven or cable driven, the length of the pendulum, and other relevant specifications.

Number Examples

  • UW32342
  • UW32/1
  • UW32001
  • UM3/15

Urgos Movement Availability

Currently, our inventory consists solely of floor, weight-driven mechanical clock movements made by Urgos. This is because the factory was bought, and at present, these are the only types of movements being made.Read More »

In the event that the clock movement is spring-driven, we encourage you to email us the movement numbers. We will then explore the possibility of providing you with a Hermle mechanical clock movement that closely matches your requirements.

Number Examples

  • (Hermle/Kieninger)
  • A205-000
  • A403-007
  • A403-020

Seth Thomas Availability

In the present day, the Seth Thomas name is prominently seen on various clock-related items. However, if a clock bears the Seth Thomas name, it could indicate either a battery-operated (quartz) clock movement or a mechanical clock movement.Read More »

In the past, there was a company that sold numerous mechanical clock movements from Plymouth Hollow, CT. To honor the company, the town's name was changed to Thomaston, CT.

Therefore, if the clock is quite old and made in the USA, displaying an ST marking within a diamond shape, it is an original Seth Thomas clock. Unfortunately, there are no replacement movements available for such clocks, and repair is the only viable option.

On the other hand, if the Seth Thomas clock movement indicates that it is made in Germany, you can consult our list to identify the authentic clock movement numbers, determine the price, and place an order. It's important to note that the company did not produce any modern clock movements, yet their name is still on them. Consequently, if a clock bears the Seth Thomas name but was made after approximately 1960, it is made by a different company under the Seth Thomas name.

This raises the question: If someone purchases a clock believing it to be an original Seth Thomas, but it is actually made by another company, can it truly be a Seth Thomas clock? The answer is somewhat complex. It is a genuine Seth Thomas clock in the sense that it originates from whoever held the rights to the name at that particular time. However, the movement may not have been made by the original Seth Thomas clock factory in Connecticut during its heyday. This is how we typically associate the ST name.

Number Examples

  • 77
  • 78
  • PL110
  • PL61cm

Jauch Movement Availability

Since the Jauch clock company is no longer operational, new clock movements from them are no longer available. However, we might be able to assist you by offering a brand new Hermle mechanical clock movement retrofit instead.Read More »

If you have a movement that indicates it was made in Germany and lacks extensive information but features numbers resembling those in the list, along with a chain-driven mechanism and a wooden stick pendulum, it is likely a Jauch clock movement. In such cases, we can usually provide a retrofit solution using a Hermle clock movement.

Mason & Sullivan

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Number Examples

  • (Hermle/Kieninger)
  • 3200X
  • 3224X
  • 3286X

Mason and Sullivan Availability

Mason and Sullivan, in fact, did not manufacture any clock movements themselves. Instead, they were able to acquire a substantial number of clock movements and had their name and numbering system put on them.Read More »