Jauch Floor Clock Pendulums

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Jauch Floor Clock Pendulums

Jauch floor clock pendulums are not made anymore. We can create one out of a Hermle pendulum by cutting it to size, cutting off the top hook, and installing one to fit the Jauch unit.

Why not to order one

However, we are somewhat hesitant to offer custom pendulums for a Jauch unit. They went out of business so we can automatically say the movement has lived its life expectancy. Any Jauch movements are over 50 years old at this point and they are 30 year movements at best.

Why a new movement

Jauch movements have two options when they wear out. First is to get it restored but this is not a good option. The cost is too much, it takes too long, it does not work out often enough and wont last. The second is to get the brand new unit as a conversion. The clock will be set for 30 years again, the cost is a fraction of the cost of restoration of the old unit. The conversion comes in a few days whereas a restoration can take 2 months sometimes.

Do not invest in a dead unit

One could find they spent money on a nice custom pendulum only to find the movement is faulty. The new pendulum will be modified for the Jauch unit, and will not fit on the new replacement unit.

The Solution

The best solution for such a situation is to get both the new movement conversion and the pendulum both at once. This way the new pendulum is for the Hermle conversion kit and movement instead of the old unit.

The first step is to get the information off of the back of the clock movement. It will say something like J 77 or J78 or PL110 and the similar. Then move on to this link.

Please see the Jauch clock movement conversions at this link https://www.clockworks.com/product-category/clock-movements/mechanical-movements/jauch-clock-movement

Finishing Up Jauch Floor Clock Pendulums

After selecting the proper movement conversion kit, we can now move on to getting a Hermle clock pendulum instead for the new Hermle movement. However ordering can be confusing so it is best to email us and ask us what pendulum goes on the new conversion kit that is to be ordered. Email [email protected]

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