Last Chime Hammer Stuck UP Correction

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Last Chime Hammer Stuck UP Correction

Last Chime Hammer Stuck UP Correction means the last note of the Westminster chime song won't come down until the start of the next chime. Please perform this fix right after the clock chimes. The last hammer will be stuck in the up position when it should have gone down.

The chime side is on the right when facing the front of the movement. These are the gears that spin and make the hammers go up and down to strike the rods. On the top of the gear train there is a fan.

Please put a finger on this fan and the arbor it is mounted on. This will keep the gear train from moving when making the next adjustment.

Look on the back of the clock movement, outside the back plate. Notice the large gear with the set screw. Often there is no need to loosen the set screw to do this next adjustment. In rare situations it does need to be looser.

mechanical clock chime forever correction

With your finger on the fan to stop the gear train from moving, at the same time turn this outside gear to the right until that last hammer drops down.

Now it will be good there on forth. If by chance it was turned too far and the next hammer dropped after the one that was the issue, please move onto the chime resetting instructions in more detail at this Link.

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Robin Mann
Robin Mann
10 months ago

One side of the cable has come loose. How do I reconnect?

Richard Wilber
Richard Wilber
5 months ago

Last October I purchased a Urgos triple chime clock movement from Clockworks. After a few weeks I noticed that the west minster chime was missing part of the quarter hour chime or it did not strike any of the quarters at all. The other two chimes are working as they should. At one time they were all working fine but now the west minster is hit and miss in its operation. I have gone through all the trouble shooting procedures but I have not found the problem. Would you have any ideas as to what adjustments are needed to fix the west minster?


Cody Larson
Cody Larson
3 months ago
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This is very helpful.

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