QU30 Chiming Seiko Clock-Instructions

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QU30 Chiming Seiko Clock-Instructions

The following are the QU30 Chiming Seiko Clock-Instructions.

Please Note: The movement will not chime the quarter hours while the time is being set. Only the hourly chimes will operate during the setup process. The quarters will start when the clock is set and about 90 minutes after being left alone to chime on its own.

  1. Push the HOUR hand onto the post at the 6 o'clock position.
  2. Place the MINUTE hand at 12 o'clock and tighten the minute hand nut.
  3. Press the SECOND hand onto the shaft at the 12 o'clock position (if using one). Hands are now set to the CHIME of the motor.
  4. Using the hand setter, on the upper right side of the movement, turn the hands clockwise to the correct time of day.
  5. Insert one C-cell battery. The motor will now run and set for the correct chime and time of day.
  6. To listen to 24 hour chime and strike, place the AM / PM switch in the LEFT position. For night-time silence (between hours of 11:00PM and 5:45AM) place the AM / PM switch in the RIGHT position.
  7. The song switch on the left side of the movement is to select Westminster or Whittington. The display shows a 1 or 2. Slide the switch to whatever song wanted.
  8. This concludes the QU30 Chiming Seiko Clock-Instructions. Now the clock is properly set up.

Making it chime on time

Troubleshooting the QU30 Chiming Seiko Clock-Instructions

First, find out if the clock chime is correct. It does not matter what time it is. The hands need to point to the time the clock thinks it is. Which means where the clock is chiming.

So when the clocks chimes, make note of how many times it does so. Then remove the hands. Put them back on to point to the number of chimes it rang. In other words, 3 chimes means put the hands on the clock to point to 3 o'clock. The final step it to set it to the correct time by either the rotating the setting knob or rotating the minute hand slowly in a clockwise manner. Always rotate it clockwise.

Additionally, if the clock minute hand will not point exactly to the 12, do this. Find the circle setting knob on the back of the movement and hold this still with fingers so it will not move. At the same time, point the minute hand to the 12 where it needs to be. Let go of both and it will be correct from then on forth.

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Winslowe Austin
Winslowe Austin
1 year ago

clock will not cmime at all

Jack L. Horton
Jack L. Horton
1 year ago

How to get the clock to chime on the hour?

Pasquale Alatorri
Pasquale Alatorri
1 year ago
Rating :

I tried for the longest time to make it chime on time, this article helped me do it in 10 minutes thank you!

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