Clock pendulum parts consist of the pendulum itself, the leader that it attaches to, and then the suspension spring that the leader attaches to. So usually there are three components to a clock pendulum parts assembly. The pendulum, leader and suspension spring. The suspension spring is the thing that breaks and the leader in turn sometimes gets misplaced and in turn, lost. To get the proper replacement clock pendulum parts is not always easy, if you have the old parts it is much easier to match up. If the parts are lost then you may want to email us the movement numbers off of the back plate or even send a pic by email of the movement so we can help with identification and help replace the needed clock pendulum parts.

Suspension Springs Clock Pendulums

NOTE: Suspensions do not have to be exact in length, if the clock runs slow then raise the pendulum bob with the screw. Clock Pendulum Parts.

Long Suspensions Clock Pendulums
Pendulum Bobs / Sticks Clock Pendulums

This is for the pendulum bob only for a wood stick pendulum. Measurement is from one side to the other. Or there is just the wood stick alone with no hardware. The wood stick comes very long and would need to be cut down to size.

Top Hooks Clock Pendulums

These top hooks are all for a wood stick style pendulum except the letter "I" and "J" units. For the most part you would have the wood stick in either 1/2 inch or 1 inch width and put this top hook on it by bending the tabs over as a friction fit. Then the pendulum is all set to be able to hook to the leader. Note: The pendulum assembly consists of the suspension spring on the top, then comes the leader, then comes the pendulum with its top hook attached. Clock Pendulum Parts.

Leaders Clock Pendulums

To get the length of the leader on a German movement, get the CM number off the back plate of the movement. This measurement is the approximate length from the top of the movement to the bottom of the pendulum. So if you measure the pendulum tip to tip in inches and then add an inch for the suspension spring, the multiply times 2.54 it will give you the CM length of all but the leader. The remaining length from this measurement and the CM length from the back plate, will be the approximate leader length.

A = Works with top hook H and I and J / Suspension style A
B = Works with top hook D and E / Suspension style B
C = Works with top hook D and E / Suspension style A
D = Works with top hook B / Suspension style A
E = Works with top hook A / Suspension style A
F = Works with top hook B / Suspension style A
G = Works with top hook B / Suspension style A
H = Works with top hook B / Suspension style A
I = N/A
J = N/A
K = Works with top hook B / Suspension style A

Korean Suspension Clock Pendulums

Korean replacement suspension spring and rod. This is for a front escapement Korean 31 day movement as it has the curve to swing without hitting the hand shaft.

Item #PD19

Rating Assembly Clock Pendulums

This is for a wood stick pendulum. This rating nut and threads would screw into the bottom of the wood stick and then the round bob would slide onto it with the nut on the bottom.

Item #PD15

  • 1-4 Units $6
  • 5-11 Units $5
  • 12+ Units $4
Single Pendulum Nut Clock Pendulums

This is the most common pendulum rating nut needed for wood stick or brass rod pendulums on modern clocks.

Item #PD16

  • 1-4 Units $5
  • 5-11 Units $4
  • 12+ Units $3
Pendulum Nuts Clock Pendulums

Clock pendulum parts nut assortment of 6 for floor clocks and wall clocks. If you have an antique clock with a wood stick pendulum, this is the best choice to find a rating nut.

Item #PD17

  • 1-4 Units $10
  • 5-11 Units $8
  • 12+ Units $7