Clock Oil Clock Cleaning Solution

Clock Repair Tools Oiler with OilFountain oiler filled with general clock oil. Convenient applicator to get into tough areas. This is the oil you need to lubricate your clock.

CL4: $9.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Keystone Clock Oil Keystone Clock OilA good mid grade oil for general purpose clock repair. Come in a glass 2oz bottle.

CL1: $14.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Lubrication

Nye Clock / Watch Oil

A super refined clock / watch oil the will not spread or corrode. Wont evaporate, gum or become stringy. Formulated for resistance to temperature changes.

CL2: $29.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Solution Cleaning SolutionOne pint of concentrated ammoniated clock cleaning solution that can be used to clean movements by hand, or to use with a ultrasonic cleaning machine. Just mix 1 part of this solution to 8 -12 parts of water

CL9: $14.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Cleaner Formula 67 CleanerWatch and clock cleaning solution gallon. This is a waterless cleaner and must be rinsed with Drizebrite. This can be used in both ultrasonic and mechanical machines. This is an ammonia based cleaner.

CL10: $59.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Rinse Zenith Drizebrite RinseOne gallon solvent based. Drizebrite is known as "The Ultimate Rinse" because it meets all watch and clock makers requirements. Its designed to leave watch and clock parts spotless without any oily film! Would be used with formula 67 only.

CL11B: $59.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Concentrated Cleaner Watch and Clock Concentrated CleanerThe picture is not accurate. We are now offering this product as NON ammonia. The reason for this is it works better and also no ammonia smell. Formulated for mechanical and manual cleaning. Ideal for antique pocket watches and clocks that have protective coatings on its parts. Rinse with water and IMMEDIATELY shake it then blow dry with hair dryer. And shake it again and dry it again. Repeat, repeat, must be dry. One gallon make 8 gallons of cleaning solution.

CL12: $59.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Mainspring Grease

Clock Mainspring Grease

Clock mainspring grease that contains oxide inhibitors and also wetting agents. This is a long lasting petroleum based grease.

CL3: $14.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Brush Brass Bristle Cleaning BrushBeautiful brass bristle brush which brings bright beauty to big bulky brass plates. This is to be used on stubborn spots of grime, to be used with cleaning solution.

CL15: $4.89

Clock Repair Cleaning Polish Simachrome PolishBrilliant shine on any uncoated, non-ferrous, metal surface including, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, magnesium, pewter, chrome, sterling, copper and stainless steel., Simichrome does a beautiful job of removing surface rust from chrome, polishing aluminum until it looks like new, even sprucing up delicate, heirloom family silver.


CL7: $19.89$59.89

Clock Repair Watch Crystal Polish Poly Watch Crystal PolishRemoves scratches from plastic watch crystals. Just apply a small amount and polish with a cotton cloth. 5ml tube lasts for approximately 10-12 applications. Deep scratches may require repeated treatment. Sold Individually.

WT9: $14.89

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