Clock Rinsing Solution DrizeBrite Gallon

Clock Rinsing Solution DrizeBrite Gallon

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Clock Rinsing Solution DrizeBrite

Drizebrite is a one gallon solvent base Clock Rinsing Solution. Drizebrite is known as ‘The Ultimate Rinse’ because it meets all watch and clock maker requirements.

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Rinsing Solution

Zenith's chemists made a new rinsing solution known as Drizebrite. Another name in which it is known as is "The Ultimate Final Rinse". Drizebrite is made to leave watch and clock parts spotless without any oily film or residue. This is when the movement dried at room temperature or in a heating chamber.

It restores delicate movements to their original luster. Use this after a cleaning with Zenith Formula 67 or any solvent base cleaner. Another feature of this product is that it is odorless. It works in both old and modern cleaning machines. This includes ultrasonic machines. In fact, this is a solution that we use in our very own clock repair shop.

In addition, we offer an in depth cleaning service for clock movements. This is for those movements that need to be broken down. When movements are extremely dirty it is important to get into every crevice for a thorough cleaning. This is an environmentally friendly and safe solvent.

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions3 × 8 × 14 in

MSDS Safety Sheet-

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2 years ago
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Worked great thanks

Ricky O' Dell
Ricky O' Dell
2 years ago

What the difference between cleaning and rinsing a clock