Concentrated Gallon-Clock Cleaning Solution

Gallon of Clock-Cleaning-Solution Concentrate

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Gallon of Clock-Cleaning-Solution Concentrate

One gallon of cleaning solution concentrate. This formula is for mechanical and manual cleanings. Ideal for antique pocket watches and clocks that have protective coatings. Make that old grime that has built up disappear. The plates and gears will look shiny and new.

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Gallon of Cleaning Solution

This Gallon of Clock-Cleaning-Solution concentrate has a special formula. The formula is for mechanical and manual cleanings. This means that it is versatile enough to use in ultrasonic cleaners as well as manual cleanings. Above all, this is an ideal cleaning solution for antique pocket watches.

It is also perfect for clocks that have protective coatings. Movements that have years of built up oil and dirt will look brand new. All of the grime that builds up in the gears will melt away. So when it is all done, the plates and gears will be back to their shiny appearance.

After using the solution, you must rinse out the movement with water. The most important part is to thoroughly remove the water from the movement once the rinsing is complete. Immediately shake out the movement and use a hair dryer to blow out the water.

After that is done, thoroughly shake it again and dry it again. Repeat this process several times so the movement is completely dry. Above all, this is the most important step in the process. So be extra vigilant in the drying process.

If any water is left in the movement it will rust. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. One gallon of this concentrate will make 8 gallons of cleaning solution. Rinsing can also be done with Drizebrite. If cleaning seems like a daunting task, please do not hesitate to contact us about our clean, oil, and inspection service.

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Cesar Lorca
Cesar Lorca
2 months ago

any ammonia in this solution.

Aurora Rashawn
Aurora Rashawn
5 months ago
Rating :

Thank you.

9 months ago

What grade of plastic is a safe vessel for storing clock cleaning mixture?

Ken Adkins
Ken Adkins
2 years ago

Can this product be used in an ultrasonic cleaner? Also, can you use the rinse you have in the ultrasonic cleaner? Thanks

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken Adkins

According to the package. Yes. Clean for 20 minutes