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Mechanical Clock Movement Identification - Rather then repairing it sometimes just makes more sense to replace. Save time and money on repairs.
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Mechanical clock parts information and important facts to know. Additionally, it is not always easy to get parts for an antique clock. Many of the parts are now obsolete and the older the clock the harder things are to find.

Subsequently, it is not uncommon to need a part custom made. If that's the case, we may be able to help. Please email pictures of the movement to us here at Clockworks.

Mechanical clock hand nuts

One of the most common parts a Mechanical clock needs is the hand nut. As we said before, the older the clock the harder things are to find. So, the hand nuts Clockworks offer are for movements made after the 1930's.

Prior to 1930 clock hand nuts

There were not many standards on what the hand nut size should be on the early clocks. However, prior to around 1930 there is no telling what will work. In other words, it is literally trial and error. There was no standard hand nut size.

Subsequently, any hand nut we offer, may, or may not, work. This includes cuckoo hand nuts, American clock hand nuts, or German hand nuts. However, with even all of these assortments, there is a chance none of them will work on the clock.

Post 1930 clock hand nuts

Generally speaking, what we have to offer in the three types of clock hand nuts will cover most of the post 1930 Mechanical clocks.

The cuckoo hand nuts fit about 80% of the post war German made cuckoo clocks.

So, the American clock hand nuts fit many of the mechanical time strikes that were so popular. German hand nuts fit most post war German made mechanical clocks, with the exception being a few large grandfather clocks.

Clocks that do not take a hand nut

However, not all clocks require a hand nut. Some antique mechanical clocks require a clock hand washer and a tapered pin instead. These secure the minute hand as an alternative to the hand nut.

The washer may have a small square hole, or large, oblong or round hole. Clockworks offers an assortment of 100 clock hand washers that includes all the styles above. Use a taper pin to secure the hand with the washer on top of it.

Insert the taper pin into the hole in the end of the minute hand arbor to secure the washer and minute hand to the clock. A taper pin is a small brass or steel rod that is wide on one end and skinny on the other. Clockworks offers them in an assortment of 100 to ensure the right one is there.

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Clicks and click springs

Mechanical clocks with a ratchet wheel use clicks. This can mean a spring driven clock or a weight driven clock.

Clicks keep it wound in only one direction. Both have a ratcheting function as in a wheel being able to turn one way only. It spins one way and makes a clicking sound when this is done. That clicking sound is the click. This is the small part that makes the wheel turn in only one direction.

The click is held in the down position with some pressure from what is known as a click spring.

Clicks on spring driven movements

Often when a mainspring breaks the click will loosen considerably from the shock.

Replace or tighten the loose click to ensure it will not let go when winding the clock with the key.

It is not uncommon to think the mainspring broke when really the click eventually came loose and let the mainspring slip. Once the click on the ratchet slips the mainspring lets loose and momentum of it unwinding is unstoppable.

Clicks on weight driven movements

In general, this is a harder style to replace and not really available on the market. If you need these for a weight driven ratchet wheel it is best to replace the entire wheel. Replacing the entire wheel will include the ratchet wheel, the arbor it is on and also the gear.

It will have the click and spring on it all as one unit. This maybe the ratchet wheel on a chain driven clock or a cable drum for a cable driven clock. In both situations it is best to replace the entire component with the click and spring together. That way is it complete and done the best and quickest way.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

Notes on Mechanical Clock Parts

Here are some various mechanical clock parts to help with clock repair. This clock parts page is basically the mix hardware that is sometimes needed. For parts to a pendulum please see This Page instead. For clock hands, see the clock hands page. The most popular items on this clock parts page would be the German hand nuts and the taper pins. If you order glass be sure to get the correct size as these are returned and swapped often.

Mechanical Clock Parts

We have far more Mechanical Clock Parts then what is displayed here, please use the search bar up top of the page for more. Offering a full line of Hermle clock parts and components as well.
Clock Parts German Hand Nuts

German Hand Nuts

12 Assorted hand nuts for German movements. With this assortment of hand nuts you will get one for your German movement with no problem.However these hand nuts will not work on a cuckoo clock those are under cuckoo parts.
CP9: $10.00
Clock Parts American Hand Nuts

American Hand Nuts

12 American hand nuts. These hand nuts fit the most antique clock movements that are made in the USA. They come mixed in steel and brass colorations.
CP14: $15.00
Clock Parts Pendulum Nuts

Mechanical Pendulum Nuts

Pendulum nut assortment of 10 for floor clocks and wall clocks. Turning the nut so to raise the bob will speed up the clocks time, lowering the bob will slow the clocks time.
Clock Parts Nuts

Clock Nuts

This is an assortment of 100 various sized clock hex nuts that are common in clock repair.
CP18: $10.00
Clock Pendulums

36pc Click Spring Assortment

These are the small springs that hold the click into the click wheel so the clock will wind in only one direction. There are 36 springs in the assortment. These are mixed springs for German, French and more.
CP36: $38.00
Clock Pendulums

Kieninger Click Spring

Single Kieninger click spring for modern German mantle movements. 1 1/16 long.
CP34: $15.00
Parts Clicks & Rivets

Clicks & Rivets

50 Mixed sized clicks and rivets. Clicks hold the mainspring in the coiled position during and after winding the clock. Please use caution when working with mainsprings.
CP5: $10.00
Clock Parts Clicks, Wires & Rivets

Clicks, Wires & Rivets

The wires are preinstalled on the 6 clicks and come with 6 rivets to attach them to the main wheel. Used on many American 8 day time/strike movements. Use caution and read up first in our Ebook before working with mainsprings.
CP27: $10.00
Clock Parts Tapered Pins

Tapered Pins

100 Brass tapered pins with various diameters. These Clock Parts have many uses in clock repair. They attach some dials, movement plates, suspensions and sometimes hands on the clock.
CP2: $20.00
Clock Parts Hand Washers

Clock Hand Washers

100 Assorted mixed clock hand washers. These go on top the minute hand on some clocks to maintain tension so the hand does not flop around.
CP7: $12.00
Clock Parts Wood Screw Ast

500pc Wood Screw Ast

A very large assortment of smaller sized wood screws all brass tone for case work or movement mounting. This is the best assortment for mounting mantle or cuckoo clock sized clock movements.
CP19: $25.00
Clock Pendulums

Rivets Assort

Pack of 100 brass rivets assorted sizes and lengths.
  • 1-4 Sets $12
  • 5-11 Sets $10
  • 12+ Sets $8
Rivets: $15.00
Clock Parts E Style Washers

E Style Washers

Split washers are similar to C clips as they attach various parts to the movement. These are usually used more on cuckoo clocks. There is 100 mixed sizes in this pack.
CP17: $12.00
Bracket Clock Handle

Bracket Clock Handle

3 1/2 inch wide, 1 1/2 inch tall, solid brass Bracket Clock top handle. A Bracket clock is a square clock with a square dial, this is the handle that mounts to the top of the clock case.
CP43: $30.00
Clock Parts Bushings

Mix Bushings

Solid brass bushings in a pack of 100 assorted outside and inside diameters. Bushings are needed when the pivot holes become oblong instead of round.
CP20: $18.00
Clock Parts Arbor Bushings

Arbor Bushings

These are bushings for winding arbors of larger clock movements. These are needed when the holes in the clock movement plates where the winders are become oval instead of round. Assortment of four bushings
  • OD 09.8mm x ID 4.0mm
  • OD 09.8mm x ID 7.8mm
  • OD 10.8mm x ID 7.8mm
  • OD 11.8mm x ID 7.8mm
CP26: $10.00
Machine Screws

Machine Screws

Smaller machine style screw assortment that comes in a pack of 50.
CP21: $10.00

Clock Hairsprings

Assortment of 72 clock hairsprings with there collets. There are various sized springs as well as various sized collet diameters in the center. These parts are for mechanical balance clock movements.
CP22: $30.00
Verge Assortment

Verge Assortment

A verge is the part that engages with the escape wheel on a mechanical clock. Variety pack of 9. Bend and cut them to fit your application. These are for escape wheels that are outside of the clock plates only.
CP23: $25.00
Chimeblock Mounts

Chimeblock Mounts

These are the chimeblock mounts and washers to mount the chimeblock to the clock case. The chimeblock has threaded holes usually and these screws go through the case and into the chimeblock.
CBMOUNT: $5.00
Chime Hammer

Clock Chime Hammer

These are to replace missing hammers. Comes in 3 sizes, sold individually. Easy to mount with the included set screw on the end.
CP1: $1.00$10.00
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Moon Gear

Hermle Moon Gear

Moon gear for Hermle floor clocks. Please choose your movement number from the back plate of the movement itself.
CP25: $20.00
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Dial Grommets

Dial Grommets x3

Set of three dial key hole grommets. These are what make the key holes pretty where you wind the clock through the dial.
CP32: $5.00
Brass Tone Numerals 1-12

Brass Tone Numerals 1-12

Shiny brass colored aluminum for modern floor clock dials. Measurement is the overall height. The 1 1/8 inch size is for grandmother clocks and the 1 5/16 size is for the grandfather clocks
CD2: $20.00
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Clock Case Back

Case Back Part

Black metal clock parts case back for sound quality and dust protection on a mantel clock case. The round portion of this case back is 4 1/2 inches and then the hook part and the attachment portion sticks out more than this.
CP13: $10.00
Spiral Finial

Spiral Finial

Brass decorative spiral finial that is very heavy for its size. This is the top decoration for a grandfather clock case. The finial is 4 1/2 inches tall.
CP11: $25.00
Clock Eagle Finial

Eagle Finial

Brass decorative eagle finial that is very heavy for its size. This is the top decoration for a grandfather clock case. The finial is 4 1/2 inches tall.
CP12: $30.00
Small Springs

Small Springs

Assortment of parts small springs that can be used with mechanical clocks. These are not made for clocks but are very useful to modify for clock repair.
Count Wheel Clips

Mechanical Count Wheel Clips x6

Six count wheel clips. This is the clip that locks in the count wheel in the American count wheel time / strike movements.
CP31: $5.00

Convex Clock Glass

Round glass that is domed out, in other words convex shaped. You would need to measure exactly how wide you will want the glass from one side to the other. This size must be able to fit into the clocks bezel without falling out and also not so big it will not clip in.
BZ2: $11.20$45.00
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Flat Clock Glass

Flat Clock Glass

Flat round glass. You would need to measure exactly how wide you will want the glass from one side to the other. This size must be able to fit into the clocks bezel without falling out and also not so big it will not clip in.
BZ1: $14.00$21.00
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Tall Case Pulley

Tall Case Pulley

Pulley part for the tall case antique mechanical clock. This is useful for the cable driven antique clocks for the cable to loop through and the weight to hang on.
CP41: $35.00
Movement Brackets

Movement Brackets

Dog ear shaped movement mounts. For front mount pendulum or balance German movements. Comes as a set of four.
RC23: $10.00
Seat Board Mounts

Mechanical Seat Board Mounts

For modern German floor clock models that have a seat board. The rectangle washer goes under the seatboard and the screw goes up through it and into the movement posts. Comes as a pair of washers and screws as seen.
CP28: $15.00$25.00
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