Mechanical Clock Kit Styles Available

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Mechanical Clock Kit Styles Available

Mechanical Clock Kit Styles Available include wall clocks, mantle (shelf) clocks, and floor clocks. Floor models includes the grand daughter, mother, and father series.

Chime types

All of the above, in the past, have been made with every chime type. In other words there are all these various ways to make noise, lets list them. There is the quarterly sounds that play a tune ever quarter hour, this are most common in the songs Westminster only, Or triple chime that includes Westminster St Micheal, or Wittington. As for the other noise makers, we call them strike clocks because they only strike out the hours and usually bong once on the half hour. These include Gong strike (coiled gong on the back or below the movement), Bell strike, or Bim Bam (sounds like its name, on two or three strike rods). Now that is not to say every one of these chime types are available for every type of clock kit in the world today, but those cover most of clocks ever produced in history.

Mechanical clock kits

Mechanical Clock Kit Styles are listed below, these are the names of the types of clocks you will see in the world. They are the clocks that you could potentially replicate in the modern world.

Wall / Mantle kits

Either weight driven or spring, but usually spring driven. The weight driven is less common because of all the weight that is hanging on the wall. Usually spring driven, with or without a pendulum. If there is no pendulum this means it has a balance wheel instead more like a watch.

Granddaughter / Grandmother clock kits

Granddaughters are usually spring driven with no weights. The grandmothers are usually chain driven with three weights for the chime units or two weights for any other strike styles. Its a shorter clock overall compared to the grandfather clocks.

Grandfather clock kits

Typically cable driven with three weights and triple chimes. This means the weights will hang on cables instead of chains, and plays your choice of three songs. Not always triple chime because some are Westminster only. This is the largest and tallest of the floor clocks.

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