Hermle 1161 Movement Parts Back Diagram


Hermle clock movement parts. New parts for the 1161 clock movement for servicing the clock.

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1161 Parts Back: $10.00$40.00
ID LetterPart NameDescriptionNew / UsedPrice
ASuspension PostFor the 1161-853 unit, this is the post the suspension spring hangs on with its A frameNew$20.00
BChime AssemblyComplete with roll pin, plate, 8 rods with hammer heads, hammer springs etcNew$30.00
CFront PlateFront plate of the movement approximately 6x9New$40.00
DChime WheelMakes the hammer assembly function via chime side gear trainNew$10.00
ELeaderThe part that goes from the suspension spring to the pendulumNew$14.00
FBack PlateThe back plate of the movement approximately 6x9New$40.00

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Suspension post, B = Chime Assembly, C = Front Plate, D = Chime Wheel, E = Leader, F = Back Plate

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