Clock Repair Tool and Part Magnetizer and Demagnetizer

Clock Repair Tool Magnetizer-Demagnetizer

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Clock Repair Tool Magnetizer-Demagnetizer

This is a super easy and effective tool! Simply run the tool through to magnetize it and then repeat to demagnetize it. A fantastic item for all types of screwdrivers. A necessity for many electrical repairs as well.

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This Clock Repair Tool Magnetizer-Demagnetizer is an amazing tool that is easy to use and very effective. Simply stick the tool through it to make it magnetize. Run it through again to make it demagnetize. Works great with Multi-tip screwdrivers or any other type of screwdriver. This is quite a necessity when working with clock repairs and many household or electrical repairs.

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Lars Wilson
Lars Wilson
1 year ago
Rating :

I couldn’t find this any where thank you so much!