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Eye Loupe for Watch Repair

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Eye-loupe for Watch Repair
This eye loupe has 2 1/2 times magnification power that makes it easy to see small watch parts. It is the perfect magnification for watch repair or battery replacement. It can also be useful in a variety of other projects that deal with small pieces.

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Perfect magnification for Watch Repair

Eye loupe with the perfect magnification for watch repair or battery replacement at 2 1/2 Power. The object will be 2 and a half times magnified when using this. Small watch parts can be microscopic so having this handy little eye loupe will save yourself excessive eye strain. We recommend this tool not only for watch repair, but for any job that requires you to look at small pieces. Why make a difficult job any harder than it has to be! Simply add this neat tool to your arsenal of tricks to help with your repairs. Be sure to look at the other watch repairs tools that are available. We offer a variety of other items that can be useful in watch repair. Also, there is a section for watch repair books. They can also be of help for many watch repairs.

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Kyle Rodgers
Kyle Rodgers
9 months ago
Rating :

Im so happy with this thank you Clockworks.