Large Clock Tweezer Assortment

Large Clock Tweezer Assortment

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Large Clock Tweezer Assortment

Very useful set for reassembling movements and get the pivots back in there pivot holes. Sizes range from 5 inch to 7 inch long. Assorted tips and shapes on these very long tweezer set.

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Large Clock Tweezer Assortment

This is a Large Clock Tweezer Assortment. This variety pack is a very useful set for reassembling movements. These are especially good for getting pivots back in their pivot holes. The sizes in this assortment range from 5 inch to 7 inch long. The tips are also an assortment of various shapes in order to be able to get at the most difficult of spaces within a clock movement.

This is a must have for any clock movement repairs. When the space is too small for your fingers to fit in, use one of the long tweezers to get into that tight spot.

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Bernie Farley
Bernie Farley
1 year ago
Rating :

Very useful, excellent!