Tempus Fugit Clock Dial
Tempus Fugit Clock Dial
Tempus Fugit Clock Dial
Tempus Fugit Clock Dial

Tempus-Fugit Style Clock Dial

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Tempus-Fugit Style Clock Dial

Tempus Fugit dial has no phase of the moon function. However it says Tempus Fugit on the top hump instead.

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Tempus-Fugit Dial

This dial has no phase of the moon function. However, it says Tempus Fugit on the top hump instead. This dial mounts to the clock by drilling small holes for screws in the corners. The dial then attaches to the wood case instead of the movement.

So in order to do this, use very small wood screws. These caan be found on our website or at any local hardware store. A beautiful brass dial with ornate fillagree designs. The center time track is silver with the numbers on it.

Clock dial drilling description

The following is a description of drilling a clock dial. Clock dials often only have the center hole for the clock hand post to come through.

If using a spring driven mechanical clock movement, need to drill holes in the dial. This is so the clock key will have access through the dial to wind the clock.

This hole is typically 3/8 of an inch wide. Drill the holes 3/8 wide in the exact spot where the winding arbor of the movement will be. Only one chance to get it right per dial so make sure to line it up perfectly.

Mark the spot to drill

This can be done by putting the dial over the clock movement while the movement is on its back. Place the dial over the movement so the hand shaft is in the center of the hole.

At this point there are two options to mark the exact spot to drill. The first method is to squeeze a marker between the movement and the dial back.

Mark the back of the dial where the winding arbor will be and therefore the spot to drill. Second, which is the easier and more exact way, is if the dial is thin enough push down with your hands so dimples show up in the dial. The downward pressure on the dial forces the winding arbors to make dimples in the thin metal indicating the exact place to drill.

Dial key hole grommets

A dial grommet is a decorative ring that sits inside the winding hole to make it look pretty. Of course, it is a metal ring with prongs on the back to fold behind the clock dial.

Thus, mounting the grommet is by friction fit. Dial grommets have a 3/8 hole in the center. In some rare situations it is 1/2 inch, however these are for very large tall case clock applications only.

Clock Dial Drilling Service

Hire Clockworks to drill the dial before it ships out. Naturally, Clockworks can drill this before shipping for a fee. So if this is of interest, please email us. We would need the movement numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself.

This information would not be in the paperwork that came with the clock or any marking on the wood clock case. It must come from the brass clockworks itself. Once we have the movement number, we can drill the winding arbor holes before the dial ships.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs

9 7/8 x 13 Inch, 11 x 14 7/8

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Lisa Rabbe
Lisa Rabbe
4 months ago

Can i purchase replacement numbers to glue back onto face plate?

1 year ago

Where can I find a 1”, #9 for my tempos fugit clock?

Donald Turney
Donald Turney
1 year ago
Rating :

Great dial and nice people here.

Michael A Long
Michael A Long
4 years ago

do you have a chapter ring in silver with arabic numbers with an OD of 8″ or 203mm