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Clock Dials and Numerals

Clockworks offers a variety of shapes and colors of clock dials and numerals. Of course the dials come in round, square, moon top and more. Many of the round dials have a choice of white, ivory or gold.

Create a new dial out of any type of material and then use the numerals to finalize the look. Most of the numerals are plastic, however we do offer two different sizes of gold aluminum numerals.

These are generally for Grandmother and Grandfather clocks. The aluminum numbers need to have epoxy to hold them in place. They do not have sticky backs like the plastic numerals. Here are some tips to order the correct clock dial and numerals.

Arabic or Roman Numerals

Clock dials and numerals come in either Roman or Arabic. Roman numerals on dials are the kind that have letters to represent the numbers.

For example, the 12 would be XII and five is written as V and so forth. The number 4 was IV in roman numerals, however the new style is IIII.

This new style is popular with clock inserts. However, it is also becoming the norm on all dials. Arabic clock numerals are just the regular numbers where 12 is written as 12. Arabic is all numbers and no letters on the clock dial.

Arabic verses Roman clock dial

Sizing and Time Tracks

Dials come in many sizes in an attempt to cover many case styles. The sizes in the list are the overall diameter from side to side for each.

Often there is another measurement known as the time track. A time track is the small ring that travels around the just outside of the clock numerals.

In other words, the time track is the measurement of the dial from outside the 3 to outside the 9. Clock hands are usually half of the dial diameter. So clock dials and numerals will come in variable sizes to accommodate various case styles.

Clock Dials and Numerals - Types of clocks

Use these clock numerals on any type of clock dials providing the size is correct and it looks appropriate. We recommend using extra epoxy on the sticky numerals because they tend to fall off easily.

The hardest clocks to find a dial for are the antique mantle clocks. These take a bezel and glass combination that often installs on the dial itself. Use best judgement on what clock dials and numerals look best.

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