Clock Bezel Description

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Clock Bezels Description

A clock bezel description consists of the brass part that holds the clock glass in place. It can be confusing to get the bezel and then the flat or convex glass.

To buy the clock bezel and then try to get the correct glass separately to put them all together is not easy. It is best to get the clock bezel glass and dial all together whenever possible.

To get the correct clock bezel, measure the diameter of the hole in the clock where it will sit. These can come with or without a hinge. The ones with the hinge are getting increasingly difficult to supply.

However, there are only a certain number of available sizes for these complete clock bezel units. So even though it is never a recommendation to piece meal the parts, sometimes it is a necessity.

Occasionally individual components need to be bought and then match them all together.

This can get tricky, so call and speak to us directly. That way we can marry the two items together for the perfect clock bezel and glass combination. However, it is also entirely possible that the combination cannot happen. This is especially true with larger clock bezels.

Fitting glass to the bezel

The glass has to fit into the clock bezel and it has to be a perfect fit. It cannot be too small so as to fall out of the clock bezel and not so big it will not fit into the bezel clips. For the proper size glass, measure exactly how wide the glass would need to be from the back of the bezel.

In other words, turn the bezel over and measure across the inside lip of the clock bezel where the glass sits. Remember, the glass tabs have to secure it in place. Get one that will not be too big for the bezel clips and not so small it falls out the front. Again, if there is any question, please feel free to email us or call.

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Alan Dowery
Alan Dowery
3 months ago
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This will help me big time with my Bezel.

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