KWM Mechanical Clock Bushings


KWM Mechanical Clock Bushings

American made KWM sized bushings with oil sink. Choose the size that you need. Each package comes with 20 pieces.

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BUSH: $10.00

Clock Bushings

American made KWM mechanical clock bushings with oil sink. Comes in a pack of 20.

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Bushing Height 1.0 1.0 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 4.0
Pivot Diameter Hole Diameter
0.07-0.08 .10 L55
0.10-0.12 .15 L56
0.15-0.17 .20 L01
0.19-0.21 .25 L57
0.23-0.25 .30 L02 L64 L86
0.27-0.30 .35 L58
0.32-0.35 .40 L03 L08 L87
0.38-0.40 .45 L59
0.42-0.45 .50 L04 L09 L32 L94
0.48-0.50 .55 L60
0.53-0.55 .60 L05 L10 L33 L95
0.57-0.60 .70 L06 L11 L34 L96
0.65-0.70 .80 L07 L12 L35 L97
0.75-0.80 .90 L61 L13 L36 L98
0.85-0.90 1.0 L62 L65 L14 L37 L99
0.95-1.00 1.1 L63 L66 L15 L38 L100
1.05-1.10 1.2 L16 L39 L101
1.15-1.20 1.3 L17 L40 L102
1.25-1.30 1.4 L18 L41 L103
1.35-1.40 1.5 L19 L42 L104
1.45-1.50 1.6 L20 L43 L105
1.55-1.60 1.7 L67 L88 L106
1.65-1.70 1.8 L21 L44 L107
1.75-1.80 1.9 L68 L89 L108
1.85-1.90 2.0 L22 L45 L109
1.95-2.00 2.1 L69 L90 L110
2.05-2.10 2.2 L23 L46 L111
2.15-2.20 2.3 L70 L91 L112
2.25-2.30 2.4 L24 L47 L113
2.35-2.40 2.5 L71 L92 L114
2.45-2.50 2.6 L25 L48 L115
2.55-2.60 2.7 L72 L93 L116
2.65-2.70 2.8 L26 L49 L79 L117
2.75-2.80 2.9 L73 L80
2.85-2.90 3.0 L27 L50 L118
2.95-3.05 3.2 L28 L51 L119
3.00-3.25 3.4 L74 L81 L120
3.30-3.45 3.6 L29 L52 L121
3.55-3.65 3.8 L75 L82 L122
3.75-3.85 4.0 L76 L83 L123
3.90-4.05 4.2 L30 L53 L124
4.15-4.25 4.4 L77 L84 L125
4.35-4.45 4.6 L31 L54 L126
4.55-4.65 4.8 L78 L85 L127
4.75-4.85 5.0 L128
5.00-5.05 5.2 L129
5.15-5.25 5.4 L130
5.35-5.45 5.6 L131
5.55-5.65 5.8 L132
5.75-5.85 6.2 L133
5.95-6.05 6.2 L134
6.15-6.25 6.4 L135
6.35-6.45 6.6 L136
6.55-6.65 6.8 L137

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
L Value

L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, L10, L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L20, L21, L22, L23, L24, L25, L26, L27, L28, L29, L30, L31, L32, L33, L34, L35, L36, L37, L38, L39, L40, L41, L42, L43, L44, L45, L46, L47, L48, L49, L50, L51, L52, L53, L54, L55, L56, L57, L58, L59, L60, L61, L62, L63, L64, L65, L66, L67, L68, L69, L70, L71, L72, L73, L74, L75, L76, L77, L78, L79, L80, L81, L82, L83, L84, L85, L86, L87, L88, L89, L90, L91, L92, L93, L94, L95, L96, L97, L98, L99, L100, L101, L102, L103, L104, L105, L106, L107, L108, L109, L110, L111, L112, L113, L114, L115, L116, L117, L118, L119, L120, L121, L122, L123, L124, L125, L126, L127, L129, L130, L131, L132, L133, L134, L135, L136, L137, L138, L139, L140

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glen hoebert
glen hoebert
1 year ago

what clock bushings do i need for a WUBA movement in a Warmink weighted wall clock?

Michael Whiteley
Michael Whiteley
9 months ago

I am thinking about buying a bushing tool. When they are described as for the KWM or Bergeon systems, does that really mean that one can only use that type of bushing with the same type of tool, or that either type of bushing can be used in either type of bushing tool? Also, what are the real advantages of a more sophisticated bushing tool ($1,000.00) versus a clamp on type ($150.00)?

Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas
7 months ago

Hello, I have a 2.25mm OD bushing I would like to replace. The pivot diameter for this bushing is 0.64mm. Is the proper bushing L47 for 2.0mm height? How small is the opening prior the reaming? Thank you.

Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas
7 months ago

Thank you.

Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas
7 months ago
Reply to  Tom Thomas

I’ll need to find something with a smaller ID….

4 months ago

Hello! We are working on a Howard Miller Millenium Grandfather clock, and believe the poly bushings on the escapement/pallet arbor are worn. Very small black rubber. Would you have that size range of bushing….and how do we measure the pivot diameter, as well. Thanks…Alex