Clockworks Clock Supply Origin

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Clockworks Clock Supply Origin

Clockworks clock supply origin begins with Nepaug Clockworks in the mid 1940’s by Robert Tonkin. Nepaug is a quaint town in New Hartford, CT. This legacy of Clock repair service began in a barn near the house in Nepaug. Also, additional work with a Jeweler that was across from the old Seth Thomas factory in Thomaston, CT.

Clockworks supply developments

In 1991 his nephew (me), James Stoudenmire, took an interest in what he was doing and began to follow suite. Of course, my first step was to join NAWCC in 1994 and became in full swing with clocks. I took up a clock repair internship at Goldsmith Jewelers with Ludwig Goldsmith in Wilbraham, MA. Also, I became an apprentice for another clock and watch maker, Al Descorcy, of Al's clock shop. Working for free but learning about more about clocks and repairing them. We would go to all the NAWCC shows that would take place within 200 miles of us. At the shows we would watch the experts explain various things. Things like details about special clocks and how to re-pivot them and all this. Of course, we met other clock makers and were able to get their opinions on certain problem units and so forth.

The information age

Then came the internet in 1995, and Ebay to soon follow. Selling here and there on Ebay with the user name of Clockworks. It stuck and we got pretty busy with it selling some of the large stock of parts we had already had. So the next step was to get a website. We were stuck with because was taken by a non clock person. Finally in 1998 I was able to purchase the domain More and more people came aboard and now here we are.

Modern times

These days we have a full stock clock repair center. We have industrial clock cleaning machines and various lathe setups. Using both Bergeron and KWM bushing devices and Gear cutters. We have one to two thousand of old clock movements that we organize by country of manufacturer and the maker. At the same time, we continue to run the retail side of offering everything from moon gears to quartz clock hands to full tubular bell clock kits. We offer a complete line of mechanical and battery clock movements.

  • If we need a part, we go to the next section of the building and get it, from either our retail supply or our antique supply.
  • If we need to cut a gear, or make a pivot, we go to another room and do it.

When someone emails [email protected] with a clock issue, can't solve it, then it's most likely not solvable.

Lets get ticking

Together we can save the clock instead of getting rid of it. When people have a clock for a long time, and then get rid of it, it seems all they can think about is that clock. In other words, when they have a clock, they do not think about it much. But when they get rid of it, it sticks in there brain that they should have tried to save it. Whatever one decides to do is fine, but if the clock is to work, this is the right site.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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