Heavy Cottage Clock Dial


This dial is made of painted metal and is 6 3/4 wide. This is a heavy metal painted dial.

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Round Banjo Clock Dial

This dial is made of painted metal and is 6 3/4 wide. This is a heavy metal painted dial and very good quality.

Clock dial drilling description

Description of what it means to require drilling of the clock dial. Clock dials often only have the center hole for the clock hand post to come through. If using a spring driven mechanical clock movement, you need to drill holes. This is so the clock key will have access through the dial to wind the clock. This hole is typically 3/8 of an inch wide.

What is a time track

A time track is that outer ring that runs around the numerals. Mechanical clock hands and battery run clock hands use the time track as well. Hence, the measurement of the time track dictates the length of hands to get.

About dial grommets

A dial grommet is a decorative ring that gets inserted into the winding hole to make it look pretty. Of course, it is a metal ring with prongs on the back to fold behind the clock dial. Thus, mounting the grommet via friction fit only. Dial grommets have a 3/8 hole in the center. In some rare situations it is 1/2 inch.

Clock dial drilling description

Drill the clock dial to wind a mechanical clock movement with a key. Use dial grommets for a nice finish on the new winding holes. Naturally, Clockworks can drill this before shipping for a fee. So if this is of interest to you, please email us.

Paper dial information

The paper dials on this page come square but have a round time track. Use spray glue to stick the paper stock dial onto a thin board for a dial. If the dial is to be round instead of square it will require cutting into shape.

Round clock dial information

The round metal dials may come with a protective plastic coating. Sometimes it is hard to tell it is there so if the dial seems to have scratches, it most likely has this coating. This needs to be taken off for the finished clock project.

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