Antique clock movement replacement ordering

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Antique clock movement replacement ordering

Antique clock movement replacement ordering is done by matching up certain measurements. The new movement will fit when the pendulum length, winding arbor spacing, and hand shaft length all match the antique.

These clock movements measure the same as the ones that were in mass production in the USA from around 1900 to 1945. They are a nice replacement for many of the antique movements such as Sessions or New Haven and others.

The pendulum drop

The "drop" is a term to indicate the pendulum length. However, it is not the measurement of just the pendulum. The length is from the handshaft down to the very bottom of the pendulum rating nut threads.

Thus, this measurement is approximate and will vary with a lighter or heavier pendulum bob.

Hand shaft length

The hand shaft is the shaft that the clock hands are on. To match the measurements properly, the antique clock movement should have the dial and hands off the clock. The measurement of the entire handshaft is possible with the front of the movement accessible.

This would be from the front plate of the movement all they way out to the end of the minute hand nut threads. This measurement is important to match up because if wrong it can create depth issues.

Winding arbor configuration

The winding arbor measurements from one to the other and also to the hand shaft would need to match. This allows the clock to use the same clock dial it had in the past.

Antique clock movement replacement - Movement alone or clock kit

There are two choices, the movement alone for replacing a current movement or a kit that includes the movement / pendulum / hands / key / gong and base so can swap out everything but the dial. It may be best to get these additional parts just in case needing them.

Clockworks will custom drill a 6 inch dial with gold trim for the movement kit at no charge. This will be in the kit with the exception of the mantle clock kits. The reason for this is because the mantle dials are more intricate and no longer made.

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Lynne Rider
Lynne Rider
4 months ago

Is there a clock movement comparable to a M&S 3339x – 55cm?

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