Clicks and click springs

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Clicks and click springs

Mechanical clocks with a ratchet wheel use clicks. This can mean a spring driven clock or a weight driven clock.

Clicks keep it wound in only one direction. Both have a ratcheting function as in a wheel being able to turn one way only. It spins one way and makes a clicking sound when this is done. That clicking sound is the click. This is the small part that makes the wheel turn in only one direction.

The click is held in the down position with some pressure from what is known as a click spring.

Clicks on spring driven movements

Often when a mainspring breaks the click will loosen considerably from the shock.

Replace or tighten the loose click to ensure it will not let go when winding the clock with the key.

It is not uncommon to think the mainspring broke when really the click eventually came loose and let the mainspring slip. Once the click on the ratchet slips the mainspring lets loose and momentum of it unwinding is unstoppable.

Clicks on weight driven movements

In general, this is a harder style to replace and not really available on the market. If you need these for a weight driven ratchet wheel it is best to replace the entire wheel. Replacing the entire wheel will include the ratchet wheel, the arbor it is on and also the gear.

It will have the click and spring on it all as one unit. This maybe the ratchet wheel on a chain driven clock or a cable drum for a cable driven clock. In both situations it is best to replace the entire component with the click and spring together. That way is it complete and done the best and quickest way.

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Roberto Rosado
Roberto Rosado
1 year ago

I need to know if you have the back door of a Franz Hermle model # 0792-2-an could you please contact me 407-860-0760. TYVM….Sir’s………..

Frederick Mueller
Frederick Mueller
1 year ago

do you have ratchet relief springs for a New Haven mantel clock

James Bober
James Bober
1 year ago

Hi, I purchased what appears to be a ’30’s Hanson grandfather clock with Mauthe German movement at a Habitat for Humanity Re-store, and find that both click springs had been broken (I removed the movement to discover this and found a piece of one click on the bottom of the case). I’d like to keep it and repair it rather than return it; I see various click assortments for sale but am not sure that something can substitute for the originals as the movement is no longer made, and not sure that I can fabricate one. Any thoughts? Thank you for your help. Jim in Woodstock CT 860-481-9247

Joseph M. Greeley
Joseph M. Greeley
11 months ago

Hi, I recently purchased some mainspring clamps, a let-down tool and a set of movement assembly posts from you-very happy with my purchase! Alas, my repair attempt has not gone smoothly. I am working on the movement from a Sessions Banjo clock ca. 1930ish. The clicker on the mainspring which drives the movement had come loose and was riding up over the ratchet gear. I put the clamps on and was able to remove the gear/spring assembly. That’s when I realized I needed a spring unwinder. Unfortunately I can’t afford to spend $300 dollars on one. I was able to push the spring far enough to one side that I could rest the clicker rivet on my anvil, gave it a tap with a hammer and it now engages with the ratchet gear. I re-assembled the movement and discovered that when I try and wind it, it winds part way, then releases. Did I accidentally disengage the spring from the arbor or is there some other explanation?

1 month ago

I need a click spring for a D&A wall pendulum clock. It is one spring that contacts the click for the nain spring and the chime spring. At least that is what I think is the case. Thanks

30 days ago

Not at this time. I am going to see what else is an option. Thank you.

Pete Berton
Pete Berton
29 days ago

Hello, I’m new to the hobby. I have a small (3.5″ face) wall clock with a Seth Thomas movement (wheel, no pendulum). It has 2 main springs which appear to work in tandem. The case on one of the springs feels loose after winding. Could it be that that spring is not functioning? Broken? And, if so, how would I let off the tension on a setup like that?
Thank you,

Chen Lu
Chen Lu
25 days ago
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I always wondered what that clicking sound is, thanks for the write up Clockworks.

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