Friction Fit Clock Inserts

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Friction Fit Clock Inserts

Friction fit clock inserts fit into an existing hole. In other words, drill a hole into any object and just push the clock insert into it. The insert alone will be too loose of a fit so there is a rubber ring on the back side to fill the gap.

Sometimes the rings will break or get lost and a simple solution is a rubber band. Slide a rubber band on the backside of the insert and we are good to go! It ends up being a nice fit with some tolerance in the hole diameter requirement.

Colors and Styles

Clockworks provides options for the dial (face) colors and also numeral styles in Arabic or Roman for the friction fit clock insert. For those who do not remember, the Roman numerals are where 12 will be show as XII or Arabic as 12.

The new way to express the number 4 in Roman numerals is no longer IV but rather IIII. This is quite disconcerting to some people who grew up with using Roman numerals.

Please note, the hand color on these units may vary from black to gold depending on the dial color and insert item number.

Clock insert construction

Generally speaking, the smaller friction fit clock insert have a more durable construction. Clock inserts with a diameter of 2" or less have a stainless steel back and metal alloy bezel. These small inserts also have a glass lens instead of plastic.

In addition, the larger inserts are all made with plastic components. The plastic can scratch. Be careful when cleaning the face of the clock. If it does get a scratch, get a new insert. Replacement lenses for friction fit clock insert are not available .

In fact, sometimes when the bezel is taken off, it will not go back on. Some styles do have bezels that screw on and off but for the most part, consider the insert broken if the bezel comes off.

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