How to measure the Hermle quartz handshaft

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Hermle quartz handshaft measurement

How to measure the Hermle Quartz handshaft. Measure the entire post that sticks out of the movement. From the plastic base all the way out to the tip of the post. This measurement is different from how all other quartz units are measured.

Hermle used three hand shaft lengths on their base units. These lengths are 16mm, 21mm, and 26mm. There was a time some of the 26mm had an internal modification to create an extremely long hand shaft. It was something like 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inches. If working with one like this there is no replacement for this unfortunately.

Hermle to regular conversion

The following is the conversion from the Hermle Quartz hand shaft length, to the length of the threaded post to order from us.

  • 1. Measure the hand shaft on your current Hermle quartz clock movement
  • 2. Convert to the post length needed with the below information
  • 3. Order whatever movement you would like from us with that post length.
  • 16mm (About 5/8") = Get a 5/16 post
  • 21mm (About 3/4") = Get a 7/16 post
  • 26mm (About 1") = Get a 11/16 post

Next step to replace the Hermle quartz

Now that the old unit is out of the way and the conversion is known from the old hand shaft length to the new post length, we are ready to shop for a replacement. The next step is to take note of the overall size of the new movement and be sure that it will fit dimensional behind the dial.

The new unit may be taller or wider so be sure it will fit in the clock case. If verified its ok, we can pick a new unit with the post length that was converted. Be sure to get new hands as well. They are on the same page as the product. The old ones will not fit without modifications.

How to measure the Hermle quartz handshaft
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Gordon Bezear
Gordon Bezear
2 years ago

I have contacted you before, and still want to replace the clock movement in my pendulum clock. I got a little phased when told I needed to measure the shaft. However, after noting that I need to measure the shaft, (from your information above), I need to know how to do this. Do I have to remove the movement, (i.e. hands etc), and then measure? There seems to be a small “nut” holding the hands on the dial. Is that removed with pliers? Will the movement be glued to the back. Sorry, so many questions.It is a Hermle Quartz 2200

Gordon Bezear
Gordon Bezear
2 years ago

Hello James,
Thanks so much for the information. I have been able to remove the old movement, and I believe the hand shaft to be as near as I can see, to 20mm, which according to your notes would mean a 7/16 post. The way the movement was fitted to my clock, there is a block of wood through which the shaft goes, and then out to the clock face. It was quite firmly attached and easy to remove.
So, please send me a replacement movement for the Quartz 2200, and invoice me. I will pay by bank transfer if you have that arrangement, or Credit card.
Please let me know what you intend doing.
Again, many thanks for your help.

Gordon Bezear
6 Howell Place
GOWRIE A.C.T. 2904
Mob: 0417448524

Gordon Bezear
Gordon Bezear
2 years ago

Hello James,
I have tried to purchase the QU3, as you suggested. However, the site does not allow me to insert the relevant information regarding Country, State, Post Code, etc., and the sale cannot continue. Have I gone to the wrong site? If so, please send details of how I might resolve this.
many thanks,
Gordon Bezear

Gordon Bezear
Gordon Bezear
2 years ago

Hi, no I am not a U.S. resident. I thought you were a company here in Australia. I might try and see if there is anyone in this country who can help. Sorry for any inconvenience, but thanks so much for your help.

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