Clock Chime Block Styles

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Clock Chime Block Styles

The first step in purchasing a new chime block is to determine the chime block style that is in the clock.

The Styles are side, bottom and back strike.

Figure out which style you need. Then, count how many rods are in the chime block. Measure through the chime block to get the length of the longest rod.

Correspondingly, find this information on the drop down list for the correct chime block and rods.

Bottom Strike Style A

Chime block style A For bottom strike and side strike units.  

Side Strike Style B

Chime block style B For side strike units. Occasionally, you can also use this for back strike diagonal Westminster units.

Back Strike Style C

Chime block style C is for floor clock models (and some wall clocks) with two rows of hammers on the back of the clock movement.

Chime sound in Clock Chime Block Styles

No matter which Clock Chime Block Style you need, there has to be some adjustments made. If the clock chime does not have a clear, crisp tone, do not panic. It could just be a matter of adjusting the hammers on the rods.

The hammer heads are on wires which are meant to be bent. Do this with your fingers, while the hammer head is down.

Just bend the wire that the hammer head is on, one at a time. Keep the hammer head about 1/8” from the rod when it’s at rest. In other words, in the up position. Bend one at a time.

Then, lift and drop it to see if there is a nice crisp tone. Subsequently, do this right down the line with each hammer on whatever chime block style. Make sure each one has a nice tone. In the long run, the chime will sound perfect.

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