Mechanical Clock Chains Installation

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Mechanical Clock Chains Installation

AmMechanical clock chain installation is fairly easy. It is not uncommon for the chains to sometimes fall off during shipping. If this should occur, all you have to do is loop them back over the ratchet wheels.

Mechanical Clock Chains installation maybe required upon the new movements arrival. When getting the new unit, the chains may or may not be on the unit. Sometimes there just laying in the box and have bounced out of the movement during shipping. Just put them back on over the wheel with the hook side on the direction of the ratchet wheel that cant turn. In other words the hook is supposed to go on the weight, so that is the side that will not spin so easy on the ratchet wheel.

Put movement on the seat board with the chains hanging down in between the seat board as it was before. Screw the screws in and make it finger tight and then a little more with a flat screw driver.

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Trim and moon dial off

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Sometimes the hood slides off

mechanical movement

Removed with dial attached

mechanical movement

Another hood that slides

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