The Hermle 241 clock-movement series

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The Hermle 241 clock-movement series

The Hermle 241 clock-movement series is a compact chain driven, two weight movement. This unit runs eight days on a single wind up and comes as a pendulum movement only. It is a nice clock for smaller floor clock models and works well in a shaker style case. Other uses include wall clock cases such as a wag on the wall or Vienna style clock.

The movement

When purchasing the movement, it includes the chains, hand nut, leader and suspension spring. Weights, pendulum, dial, hands or chimeblock are sold separately. This page is for the Hermle 241 clock movement alone as a replacement or to piece together a clock kit.

The installation of the Hermle 241 clock-movement series

A simple clock movement to work with and is easy to swap out a worn out old unit. Once the hands and dial are off, things get easy. Two screws underneath the movement is all that is holding it in the clock case. Once the weights and pendulum are out of the way, there are only two screws to deal with. Installation of course is just the reverse of the removal. Of course Clockworks provides instructions for a couple of set up steps. If there is any road blocks during this simple process just contact us with questions. We have been clock makers and clock repairmen for 100 years in this family. We can help with questions long after the factory warranty is gone or if needing parts.

The speed

The speed of going from a broken clock to a working new movement is the shortest possible route. An overhaul is the the alternate route for the movement. However this requires twice the price of the new one, will get back an old movement that will keep requiring more work. The choice is pretty clear to just get the new unit and be done with the project. The movement will last another 25 years for less cost as well as the clock being back up and running quickly. We ship everyday so it will go out the same day or the next business day from MA USA.

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