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Clockworks clock supply

Welcome to clock supply. We are a global Horological supplier of clock parts and clock movements. Of course, we are an ethical family of clock enthusiasts that work on clocks every day. This family has 100 years of clock making and repairing as a back ground, and this website was made in 1998 upon the dawn of the internet.

Appointment only

If you are local to us, call for an appointment to get a service on your clock. We offer a large variety of clock parts, and movements. Also anything else that has to do with clocks and clock parts.

Clockworks location

We reside in Huntington, MA, in the USA. This is clock country here because Huntington is not far from where all those old clock factories were. Seth Thomas, New Haven, Waterbury, Ansonia, Westfield Watch, Chelsea Clock Co, and more. Of importance, this region is where the great clock manufacturers began production on countless quality clocks. Moreover, this astounding quality has been sought after even a century later.

Its all about the clocks resides in the back woods of New England. Bears, coyotes, wolves and deer are common up in these parts. When Midwest or southern people hear of the state of MA they maybe do not think of dirt roads and remote forest land. However, a foot or two of snow in the winter keeps us burning the wood stove. In the meanwhile, we are here working on clocks and clock parts usually every day of the week.

Clockworks Clock Supply Summary

Naturally, there is not much we would rather do. This is our passion and joy. Mechanical clocks are so fascinating to watch in motion. It is hypnotic to examine the intricate movement of the wheels and gears as the clock runs. Developments through the years has made advancements in the clock movement from time only to a highly complex conglomeration of gears and functions. Phases of the moon, calendar, chiming and striking while doing all this without a plug in the wall or battery. Strictly mechanical power made all this happen and that is pretty amazing.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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