Electric Clock Motor Description

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Electric clock motor description

None of the electric clock motors come with hands or hardware. This is due to them becoming harder to come by. So the electric clock motor description of the ones available are below.

Likewise, all of these units are meant as replacements for existing movements that are worn out or broken. Consider using a battery movement if building a new clock. The most popular electric movement is the Hansen electric motor.

These come in either bottom or rear time set. Often, these were popular with industrial and commercial applications as well as street clocks. In addition, the product description will explain how to get the proper hand shaft length on these units.

Antique electric clocks motor with wooden cases

In the early 80's there were electric mantle clocks with wooden cases. Unfortunately there is no hope for these units. They are no longer in production, however there may be alternate movement ideas available. This description is in another section and could save the clock from the town dump.

Electric clock motor hands

If you need hands, it may be necessary to modify some long quartz hands to fit it.

Modifications can be done to make them fit the electric unit. This is done by filing the minute hand hole. The electric movement hands are hard to come by and usually not available.

An electric clock hand solution

It is pretty easy to modify high torque quartz movement hands to fit. They have proven to work fairly well on the Hansen electric clock motors. So, simply file the minute hand hole with a needle file.

This will allow it to fit on the hand shaft of the Hansen unit. Of course, the hour hand will fit fine as this is a friction fit. In fact, just push the hour hand down onto the handshaft as far as it will go without touching the face of the clock.

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