Electric Clock – Mechanical Substitutes

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Electric Clock - Mechanical Substitutes

All of the antique clock movements that are electric and have a wood clock case are obsolete. They are no longer available and not worth repairing if you could do it. Parts are not available, the movement is useless and the clock looks like its heading for the dump. Such as shame when you like the clock and it is part of your family history. There is something you can do in this situation. Putting a quality mechanical unit as a substitute in the clock case could save the clock and have it running again. It would be a wind up mechanical unit and it will run 8 days every time its fully wound up. The clock will be functioning again and still have highest quality.

The 8 day wind up Hermle 130-678 or 130-627 can be easily mounted in most tambour style clock cases. These are good substitutes to replace an obsolete electric motorized clock movement. Having a back wind mechanical unit such as one of these, there are no concerns with drilling holes in the clock dial to wind it up. Now lets look at some mechanical substitutes for the obsolete electric clock movements.

The Hermle 130-678 clock movement

The 130-678 unit is a bell strike unit that comes with the bells installed. 130-678 is the easiest unit to adapt to a clock case that contained an obsolete electric clock movement. This unit mounts to the wooden clock case with some wood screws only. You will also need new hands for your new movement, any of the German mechanical clock hands you see at the top of this link

  • The winders are on the back, no dial holes to drill out
  • No chimeblock to mount because the movement comes with bells installed
  • Compact and self contained movement fits into the tightest of places

The Hermle 130-627 clock movement

The 130-627 unit is a bottom 3 hammer strike, so if your current electric movement has three rods below, this will work with it. If you have anything other than this as far as the strike goes, you would need to also get the chime block with the movement. This unit will take chime block style A with 3 rods and most likely 7 inch length on the longest rod. This can be ordered at this link.

The length of the rods does not matter so much, just the longer the rod the deeper the tone. You will also need new hands for your new movement, any of the German mechanical clock hands you see at the top of this link

Hermle Clock Movement 131 Series 130-678
  • Balance Escapement
  • 2 Bells back
  • 8 Day Wind Up
  • Back Wind
Front Side Side Back
130-678: $199.00
Hermle Clock Movement 131 Series 130-627
  • Balance Escapement
  • 3 Hammer Below
  • Bim Bam Strike
  • Back Wind
Front Side Back
130-627: $199.00

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