Mechanical movement replacement notes

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Mechanical movement replacement

Because this is the same clock movement only new, all the old components will fit the new unit just as they did on the old. Components such as the dial, weights, pendulum, hands, and chime block do not need a replacement to have a new movement. Please continue to read the following mechanical movement replacement notes.

Sold as only the new movement

Offering a brand new clock movement alone and does not come with the other components. The dial, weights, pendulum, chime block, hands, may be available as a separate purchase.

This high quality German movement comes with oil in key areas and includes its leader, suspension spring and hand nut.

Movement removal

Removal instructions to get the old unit out are within the installation instructions. The movement swap is not difficult, changing a car tire is along the same level of intensity.

After the hands and the dial are out of the way the movement will be in full view. The movement can come out by removing the two screws that mount it from the underside.

Movement installation

Installation is the reverse of the removal with some extra set up things to be done. The instructions will cover these few things to be done, and we are here if questions come up for the operation or installation. We are full time clock makers and retailers both, so if you need any assistance with install we can help.

A new clock movement is best

To reiterate the Mechanical movement replacement notes, it is less costly to replace a movement than a restoration of an old unit. The clock will be problem free right away instead of months, last longer than a repair ever would. It is just the best choice all around for a trouble free mechanical clock.

Urgos had gone out of business a while back and the Hermle bought the company and is still making the same movements with the same machines.

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