Replacing Lost Pendulum Parts

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Replacing Lost Pendulum Parts

By and large, replacing a lost pendulum part from its assembly is a process. It is more in depth than just matching up the broken pendulum part. Certainly, narrowing it down requires a different method than just observation. The following text will guide you through that process.

The lost pendulum

First, identify the movement manufacturer. This is the beginning step to identify a lost clock pendulum. This is done by getting the movement numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself. That is to say, it will not be in the manual that came with the clock. Moreover it will also not be on any stickers or the clock case.

Match the movement number here to find out who made the movement. Finally, proceed to the pendulum page. This is the first step in replacing a lost pendulum as well as replacing lost pendulum parts.

Hermle Clock Movement Availability

Lost pendulum leader

The leader hooks to the suspension spring. The suspension spring is at the top of the movement. The pendulum hangs onto the leader.

All or some of these parts are what you need to order to replace lost pendulum parts. Again, the order of the parts is the suspension spring, the leader, then the pendulum.

If the leader is missing, identify who made the movement. Use the above information to correctly identify the movement so it is possible to replace the pendulum part. The leader possibilities are narrowed down considerably upon knowing who made the movement. This makes things much easier when replacing lost pendulum parts. After knowing the manufacturer, match the information to a leader shown on this page.

In the final analysis, visually inspect the pendulum hook style, the crutch on the back of the movement, and the suspension hook. Finally, compare the components of the clock to the options in that manufacturer category to figure out the best one. Replacing lost pendulum part can be tricky however with these descriptions the task should be less daunting.

The lost suspension spring

First know that style A is the very most common suspension spring style in existence. Check the top of the pendulum leader and if there is a double hook on the end it will be style A required for the clock.

Generally speaking, style A3 is used for large grandfather units, A2 for grandmother and wall clocks, and A1 for mantle clocks. Suspension spring are one of the easier parts to ascertain when replacing lost pendulum parts.

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Julie Vaught
Julie Vaught
1 year ago

Hello, I am so appreciative of you’re willingness to take time to read emails and see if you can help me. I read your pages first to see if anything looked like it could apply and help me, but I don’t think it can.
The mantle clock I have I bought at an an auction in the UK when we were stationed there in 1985. It was old then. I was TOLD by a clock person here in the states who cleaned for me in 1990 that it was a Westminster chimer. Being in the military we have moved several times. We have since retired. The clock has been packed and put away as my daughter wants it. I noticed when I got it down for her the key was wrapped and stuffed in the back but the pendulum is gone. If I send you pictures, is there any way you might help me? There are numbers on the plate in the same place as the others you showed in your examples, just no name, and the numbers don’t match .
I would appreciate any help or advice you could give me.
Thank you!
Julie Vaught
[email protected]

1 year ago

Missing part that connects suspension spring to pendulum.
Suspension spring B
Pendulum most resembles Kieninger

Michael K Handy
9 months ago

I have an old mantle clock. The numbers on the plate are 12 CM and 196. I’m including two photos. I don’t see any other identifier.

Michael K Handy
9 months ago

It’s does not need anything except a replacement bob. I just don’t know what part to order. What’s the make of my clock?

Ferdinand Ostaria
Ferdinand Ostaria
3 months ago
Rating :

Perfect, i will be getting a replacement from you guys very soon thanks.

sharron shirley
sharron shirley
2 months ago

I am searching for a replacement pendulum for a Howard Miller grandfather clock model 610-159.

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