Kieninger SKS Movement Parts -Top Diagram

Kieninger SKS Movement Parts -Top Diagram

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Kieninger clock movement parts. New parts for the SKS series Kieninger clock movement for servicing the movement. So these are the parts seen from the top of the movement.

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SKS PRTS Top: $5.00$30.00

Kieninger SKS Movement Parts -Top Diagram

ID LetterPart NameDescriptionNew / UsedPrice
ASuspension PostHolds the suspension spring where the pendulum and leader will hang fromNew$20.00
BBack PlateApproximately 5x5 inch, this is the back plate of the movementNew$30.00
CMovement PillarThe pillar arbors that hold the movement plates together sold singleNew$5.00
DFront PlateApproximately 5x5 inch, this is the front plate of the movementNew$30.00
ESuspension SpringThe suspension spring holds the leader and then the pendulum in the airNew$10.00
FHammerComplete with screw and tip these are sold individuallyNew$5.00
GStrike FlyControls the speed of the strike, also called a fanNew$15.00
HEscape WheelThe top gear / arbor of the center time train that interacts with the anchorNew$15.00
IChime FlyControls the speed of the Chime, also called a fanNew$15.00
JChime Roll PinCreates a song by controlling the sequence of hammer strikesNew$15.00
KSnailThe snail looking portion with the tube that the hour hand goes onNew$15.00
LHand ShaftThe long center shaft where the minute hand attaches tooNew$20.00
MSelector ArmControls the chime options via human interaction with the selector switchNew$10.00
NSelector SwitchThe smaller arm that goes from the selector arm and out of the dialNew$5.00

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Letter ID

A = Suspension Post, B = Back Plate, C = Movement Pillar, D = Front Plate, E = Suspension Spring, F = Hammer, G = Strike Fly, H = Escape Wheel, I = Chime Fly, J = Chime Roll Pin, K = Snail, L = Hand Shaft, M = Selector Arm, N = Selector Switch

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Brian Oliver
Brian Oliver
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thank you so much!

Stephanie Stoudenmire
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No problem. Thank you for choosing Clockworks!