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Hands For Mechanical Clocks

The Mechanical Clock hands in the list below are sold by dial diameter size. Alternately, this is not the same method as a clock that operates on a battery. Instead, determine the hands for mechanical clocks as an after effect of measuring the dial diameter. Furthermore, a time track is the outer ring that clocks sometimes have just outside the numerals. Measure the dial diameter from outside of the 9 to outside of the 3. For example, if 6 inches for this measurement, then order hands for a 6 inch time track. So, for a pair of hands made for a 6 inch time track would have a minute hand around 2 7/8 inches long.

German Mechanical

These mechanical clock hands are for German mechanical clocks that are post WW2 and includes most mechanical clocks after 1950. Post war clocks are made in either Korea, China, or Germany. Of course, the Korean and China clocks are pretty easy to identify as they usually say 31 day on it. If this is the situation and the clock says 31 day, these hands will not fit.

To be certain the clock is from Germany, look at the back plate of the clock movement itself. There will always be a stamp with an engraving that says Made in Germany. These mechanical clock hands will fit 90% of these clocks. Although there are some exceptions. Some tubular bell units and some of the older German units are a couple of examples. To be absolutely 100% sure these hands are correct, measure the width of the mounting post on the movement and match it up with the sizes they specify.

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Len Gibler
Len Gibler
1 year ago

I did not receive tracking number with the coming shipment, 216349 How do I get it?

Vera Donovan
Vera Donovan
3 months ago
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Excellent, this helped me with the hands very well.

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